Top 4 Games for Women As selected by the team

Would you have guessed the # 1 choice to be Ms. Pac-Man? Well, then you are totally right. Miss. Pac-Man was manufactured by Midway Manufacturing Co. in1981. The game is much like Pac-Man as you can imagine but with a few exceptions. An obvious difference is a bow on Miss Pac-Man's head, very cute. Another thing is that the game has four different mazes which end up changing once every two-four screens instead of just one maze the entire game. You will also see fruits and prizes that you can collect as you walk around the maze such as strawberries, peaches, pretzels, apples, pears and bananas.

Next up is Centipede, now if you haven't heard of Centipede you are truly missing out. This game is really fun yet challenging. The whole point of the game is to destroy all the segments of a centipede by shooting the heads off before it reaches the bottom area of the screen if, you don't shoot the head the centipede ends up breaking up one centipede into two and so on. As the centipede travels down the map it hits objects such as mushrooms allowing it to change directions. Every level the centipede reacts differently so you have to keep adapting as you play.

Number 3 on the list is Pengo which was created by Sega back in 1982. Pengo's gameplay is pretty straight forward collect points by sliding ice blocks across the playing field. The thing about ice is that it only stops when they hit another ice blocks. Something else you should know is that when you attempt to push an ice block in front of another it crushes the block, be aware of the flashing ice blocks this means a Sno-Bee is about to hatch and unless the block is destroyed before it hatches you will be running into trouble. I guess what made this game so popular with the ladies was the intermissions which feature dancing penguins and different animations of them.

Last we have lovable Q*bert manufactured by Gottlieb, D., & Co., a Columbia Pictures Industries Co. in 1982. When you first play this game will notice a pyramid with different color cubes. You will also notice the purple characters which are your enemies they are Coily who is the snake, Ugg the piggy looking creature and wrong-way the sharp-toothed looking creatures. The green creatures are Slick with glasses and Sam with huge eyes. Now, you have Q*bert hop on the pyramid squares to change the colors as they are required to be while dodging obstacles and enemies. The only safe color is GREEN other than that Q*bert says "@!?@!" when he's hurt. You want to watch out and help Q*bert not fall off the pyramid. Only once you've changed the blocks to the required color can you move to the next round. Q*bert can be very addicting so play at your own risk :p

There is no better way to learn about these games than to play them so grab your keys and come pick up an arcade game machine today.

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