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West State Billiards in Newbury Park, CA stocks many exceptional pool and billiards tables. We have many outdoor and indoor pool tables for sale and on display. Our store hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 10 AM – 6 PM and closed on Mondays and Sundays. West State Billiards will gladly deliver and assemble our pool tables within 400 miles of the Newbury Park area. We’ll ship your unassembled pool table directly to you if coming to our store is not an option! Take note that you will have to assemble the pool table on your own or through an outside source if you choose the shipping option. Many of our pool and billiards tables are made of slate, ensuring a long-lasting and professional-quality design in the comfort of your own home. Come take a look in our Newbury Park showroom in Ventura County!

Billiards vs Pool Tables

Believe it or not, billiards and pool tables have different table and ball sizes. Billiards is a term used to describe games played on a table with balls and a cue stick. The reason for this is that the games are subsets of billiards. Billiards, on the other hand, has its own set of rules, balls, table, and regulations that distinguish it from other table games. Billiards tables are larger in size, measuring 10ft x 5ft, as opposed to pool tables, which come in sizes of 7ft, 8ft, or 9ft. Worsted wool, which is a smoother and stronger material for billiards and professional grade pool tables, is also used to cover the tables. Your home pool table will most likely be covered in woolen felt cloth, unless otherwise specified. The different wool type is used because the goal of billiards is to hit your opponent’s striker ball against the table’s sides. The balls must hit faster and more accurately for the best gameplay. Worsted wool, also known as speed cloth, is a material that is commonly used on professional grade pool tables.

Our pool tables in Newbury Park have slate backdrops rather than MDF (Medium density fiberboard) wood. The addition of a slate back completely changes the game. This allows the table to last longer, play more smoothly, and provide a more enjoyable experience for both casual and professional players. MDF wood, while less expensive than slate, causes the pool balls to drag more. This causes the balls to move slower no matter how hard you hit them. Changes in temperature, humidity, and moisture around the pool table may cause the MDF wood to warp or sag. If you spill a drink or it rains and you accidentally leave the window open, you could cause serious damage to your MDF wood-backed pool table. In the world of billiards, you get what you pay for. Because slate pool tables do not absorb moisture, they are less prone to warping. The table itself is more prone to warping than the slate backing, but the high-quality materials used to support the slate are extremely durable. The vast majority of our pool tables for sale are slate because we believe in providing an exceptional experience for our customers. You will get an excellent pool table for your personal game room from West State Billiards.

Types of Pool Tables and Sizes

We have a wide range of pool tables to suit a variety of lifestyles. Many of the well-known brands that we carry in our Newbury Park showroom are truly exceptional. For standard pool tables, we have sizes ranging from 7ft and 8ft to over 9ft. Depending on the pool table’s combined functionality, some larger options are unavailable. For example, our dining combo pool tables, like our Fusion Woodline Pool Table, is only available in a 7ft size whereas our outside South Beach Pool Table has both a 7ft and 8ft option, but the 8ft size is at an added cost.

The brands and types pool tables we offer are

We have a variety of styles to match any game room theme, including modern, rustic, and a more traditional pool table appearance. We have everything you need! Can’t seem to find what you’re looking for? We create custom pool tables to match your decor.


Our billiard equipment and accessories are of the highest quality. When you buy a pool table, you may select between our silver and gold accessory kits. A pool ball set, two wall cue racks, pool cue sticks, a cue repair kit, a billiard tablecloth, a diamond ball rack, a triangle ball rack, and a rest stick are all included in each kit. We also sell sets of cue sticks, pool balls, and cloth separately for those who want extra accessories or buy what they don’t have.

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West State Billiards provides the best service and value in Southern California. We offer delivery and assembly services up to 400 miles away from our locations. We will go to any length to ensure that you receive the best possible care in the privacy of your own home. Contact us in Newbury Park, CA to learn more about our personalized pool table process or to find out which premade pool table is best for your game room!

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