Sleek Pool Table Conversion In Hacienda Heights

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The owners of this Hacienda Heights location wanted a table that fit the needs of their multipurpose entertainment space. Featuring dual functionality as a dining and pool table, the Aramith Fusion table was the perfect fit.

The entertainment room features elegant finishes throughout, with neutral, light-colored tiles and natural wood found in the flooring and shelves. The only splashes of color can be found on the rug, which features a green and white contemporary pattern, and the deep red of the two armchairs. These choices lend to making the entertainment room feel brighter and more open, while also keeping an elegant and refined feel.

With a minimalist, sleek look, the Fusion Metal Line pool table works well with the contemporary, yet refined design featured throughout the room. Lacquered, aluminum-coated steel in white gives the table a glossy shine, which complements the natural lighting that pours into the space. White inner pockets continue the neutral, yet bright, white colors that are reflected throughout. They also feature stretchable, Spandex fabric, something not found in other tables. Mid-tone brown wood and a dark cloth covering continue the sleek and elegant design even when the table is set up for pool.

These Hacienda Heights owners also chose to purchase the Aramith accessory kit, so their table comes fully equipped for any game. Aramith’s ball and cue case comes equipped with billiards balls, cues, and anything else needed to play a game of pool. All of it comes within a sturdy white case.

The Fusion table acts as another place to gather, whether it’s for a shared meal or a game of pool. Innovative design features allow the table to transform from a dining table to a game or billiards table in just a few seconds. This table also can adjust its height, something unheard of in many popular pool table brands. With a sturdy frame, the table is sure to last for decades to come at this Hacienda Heights location.

You can trust West State Billiards to help you choose the right table for your space and provide entertainment for family and friends in the generations to come.

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