Urban Bridge Pool Table At Dodgers All-Star Residence In Los Angeles, CA

This Canada Billiard Bridge pool table was delivered to the home of an LA Dodger all-star at his residence in Los Angeles. With clean lines and minimal decoration, the table fits perfectly with the minimalist design of the room.

With straight edges and a sleek, dark finish, the Bridge pool table by Canada Billiard blends seamlessly with the room’s simple style. Rather than stand out, the darker colors allow the table to fit in while also breaking up the bright, natural color scheme of the space. Made of solid birch wood, the table features the Midnight Stroll finish and billiard cloth in Navy.

The Bridge pool table adds an urban flair, with a design that emphasizes practicality without the pretention. It complements the neat lines of the wainscoting on nearby walls and helps balance the angles formed by the decorative wood floor. The refined design also allows it to pull from the natural grain of the flooring, emphasizing its simple, yet elegant design.

A matching floor cue rack sits tucked in a corner, ready for play, yet still out of the way so it doesn’t interfere with guests or gameplay. The Illusion cue rack, also by Canada Billiard, has a striking design that gives the illusion the pool cues are standing. Like the table, the rack also features the same, dark finish. It acts as the complement to the table’s design, reinforcing the simple yet urban feel.

The pool table and cue rack beautifully blend into Dodger player’s residence, and both feature the same quality standards that have made Canada Billiard one of the leaders in billiard tables. Canada Billiard is one of the premium brands offered at West State, and for good reason! Trust West State Billiards and Gamerooms to provide quality gaming tables made to last for generations.

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