Traditional Pool Table In Del Mar

The owners of this Del Mar home wanted a table to fit the traditional, elegant style of their space. They chose the Maze table by Canada Billiards, one of the company’s most popular designs.

Elegance and modernism clash beautifully in the Maze table’s design. The structure is reminiscent of the traditional, craftsman-style architecture once popular in the United States. This craftsman design puts an emphasis on quality and structural integrity. Sturdy legs form a U-shape at the corners, which complements the structured design pieces throughout the space including the large wooden cabinet and windows.

The table features a caramel finish, giving it a warm touch that adds to the classical charm and warmth of the entertainment area. Like all Canada Billiards tables, it is made of solid white birch or walnut for the best quality. It also features their unique levelling system, so the owners can rest assured they’re always playing on a level surface.

Navy cloth covers the slate top and helps further the traditional aspects of the Maze table’s design. It also acts as a more neutral color so that the focus remains on the table and the warmer tone throughout the space.

This entertainment space features strong, traditional design elements throughout. From warm-toned wood to marble stairs with gold fixtures, this room embodies elegance and tradition. The wood materials, especially, are complemented by the darker wood finish of the pool table, adding visual interest that is echoed throughout the space in varying shades of warm wood colors.

The use of the caramel finish also contrasts nicely with the metallic elements throughout the entertainment area. A warm gold is featured heavily but works to elevate the warmth of the pool table’s finish and the natural wood grain underneath. Overall, the space is inviting for both the guests and the homeowners, allowing for hours of entertainment and relaxing fun.

Originally made by Canada Billiards, the Maze table has become popular, with several copycat designs available on the market. Only the original can provide this level of quality and craftsmanship that customers expect out of their pool tables. That’s why West State Billiards and Gamerooms only offers the original Canada Billiards design at our stores, so you know you’re getting a pool table that will last a lifetime. Visit one of our locations to see the difference for yourself!

When you’re looking for a gaming table that is built to last generations and will satisfy your needs, let our team help you get the quality gaming tables you need to make your gameroom the spot for entertainment.


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