Classy Retro Pool Table In Bel Air, CA

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The owner of this Bel Air residence wanted to do something special for their entertainment room. They chose to completely customize the Brunswick Gold Crown VI to better suit their style.

The Gold Crown lineup began with the Gold Crown I, first released in the 60s. This iconic pool table has been a mainstay ever since. Now on its sixth model, the vintage feel and quality are the same, but made with modern methods. The look was the perfect fit for this classy entertainment room.

In order to better fit the lighter tones of the room, the original factory finish and Formica was stripped from the mahogany wood and replaced with a softer gray tone. It pairs well with the lighter flooring and walls, creating a seamless transition from table to room. The Formica was also stripped and replaced with a white oak veneer made to match the aprons and legs of the table.

The overall look is one of elegant class and design, without the heaviness of a traditional design palette. A warmer brass color replaced the original metal fixtures to further tie in the look and add a touch of luxury. This entertainment space is the perfect fusion between fun and luxury without being gaudy.

A matching cue rack hangs on the wall nearby. It provides convenient storage for when the table is not in use and leaves the room clutter-free. Sconces along the walls provide diffused, warm lighting, while a larger overhead fixture lights up the playing area, making it a perfect time to play no matter the time of day.

The homeowner also has a custom stained Diamond Light and Diamond Players Chair setup. They were stained to match the table and the overall décor of the room. Seating gives added comfort to an entertainment room, especially for any guests who need a bit of a rest. It also ties in the table with more furniture and decor throughout the room. With a design like this, the owner is sure to enjoy hours of entertaining and fun for generations to come.

West State Billiards and Gamerooms delivered this custom setup to the residence and helped with its installation, leaving the owner with a hassle-free experience. Our staff also helped with the customization process, and we can help you too! No matter what look you’re going for, we can help you customize your new pool table to your liking and deliver it anywhere in Southern California. Come visit one of our three showrooms and find the perfect pool table for your gameroom today!

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