Elegant Dining And Pool Table Combo In Laguna Beach, CA

The owners of this Laguna Beach home wanted a pool table that would complement and contrast their room without making it feel too busy. They also wanted a table that could serve multiple functions.

This Aramith Fusion pool table was the perfect choice for their space. With black metal legs and walnut rails, the Aramith Fusion pulls colors from the dark rug underneath it without making the space seem busier. It helps to ground the complex pattern of the rug, which serves as the focal point of the entire space.

The dark tones of the metal and wood also help contrast the lighter wood and white tones. Rather than clashing with these lighter colors, it softens them and makes the room feel warmer, rather than cool and clinical. It also helps bring out the warmer tones of the wood flooring, which are also reflected in the soft yellow tones in the rug.

Sleek and elegant lines reflect the lines found in the mantle of the fireplace and window frames, creating pleasing symmetry throughout. It also contrasts the same rug, which features softer shapes and lines than those found throughout the room. The overall effect is of a beautifully balanced space with ample lighting no matter the time of day.

Simonis cloth in Academy Blue covers the slate on the table. Once again, the softer blue tones keep the overall design of the table and room elegant and clean, with the rug as the centerpiece. The blue coincidentally also reflects the soft hues of the Laguna Beach sky, bringing in the beauty of nature to the space. No matter the weather, Academy Blue recalls the tones of the sky and sea in this seaside locale.

Aramith’s Fusion table offers simplicity and generous playing space for an entertaining round of pool. In just a few seconds, it can be transformed into a dining table, with a matching dining top that cleverly disguises the pool table underneath. The table comes standard with hydraulic legs that allow the table to adjust from the appropriate height for a pool table to a traditional dining table. Each feature allows it to add new dimensions to the family entertainment experience, whether it’s eating a homecooked meal with loved ones or playing a competitive game of pool.

West State Billiards and Gamerooms is proud to offer the Aramith Fusion, which boasts outstanding quality and the latest in pool-table-manufacturing technology. With a strong steel structure, it is sure to last for generations to come.

If you’re looking for a table built to last and with multiple functions, look no further than Aramith’s Fusion line. Let our team help you pick the right table for your space by visiting one of our three main locations. We’ll even deliver your table to you, hassle-free! Make your gameroom the spot for entertainment.

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