Elegant Pool Table In Brea, CA

This Brea home needed a pool table that would fit the space and the homeowners’ needs. The Presidential Hamilton pool table was the perfect choice.

With such limited space for entertaining, the owners needed a table that would fit the dimensions of their room and still offer enough space for gameplay. Presidential Billiards offers sizes ranging from 7 to 9 feet. This variety allows customers to choose the size best suited to their space. This particular table showcases how the right size can make a difference. There is still enough space surrounding it to allow for gameplay and even the addition of other game room furniture like seats or tables if the owners choose to.

The Presidential Hamilton comes in an Espresso finish, the rich brown a gorgeous color that fits any style. Cloth colors are customizable, and the owners of this home chose Academy Blue to suit the elegant look they were going for. This table is solid wood and features a sweeping arc in the leg design, adding further elegance to the design without feeling too overly stuffy and traditional.

Darker tones in the wood flooring work well with the rich, dark tones of the finish and cloth, creating a cohesive look. To keep the design from becoming too dark, the walls are a lighter cream color, which reflects the natural lighting coming from outside and the lighting from within the room as well. The Espresso finish is also reflected in the other woodwork around the home.

Though the owners did not choose this option, Presidential Billiards does offer a matching dining top for dual functions, as well as matching storage benches and accessory kits so you can outfit your table with the best billiards accessories available. This means your table can be ready to play right after delivery!

West State Billiards and Gamerooms is proud to offer Presidential Billiards’ premium lineup of billiards, pool tables, and other game room furniture. With quality like this, your new pool table is sure to last for generations and provide entertainment for everyone in the family. Come visit one of our three showrooms throughout Southern California. While in-store, our knowledgeable staff can help find just what you’re looking for. Find the right table for your dream gameroom!



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