Sleek, Luxurious Pool Table In Los Angeles, CA

The residents of this Los Angeles home wanted a luxury pool table that fit in with their beautiful modern interior. They choose this Canada Billiard Luxx pool table, a unique and gorgeous addition to their entertainment space.

In lieu of a separate entertainment area, the home features an open concept floorplan that allows rooms to flow into each other. This means the pool table can easily be accessed from the kitchen and living room and had to match the aesthetics of both. The kitchen features sleek white cabinets, a peninsula covered in black and white marble, and this color scheme continues into the lighting above the peninsula and the cabinet hardware. It’s also reflected in the lighting hung above the table.

To keep things neutral and matching, the floors are a slate gray tile and the couches in the adjoining living room are a neutral, warm brown. The gray is also found in the steel appliances of the kitchen and in the rug below the table. The rug features abstract designs of in varying hues of black, cream, brown, and grays, painted in almost straight lines.

The slight curve found in these lines directly contrasts with the perfectly straight lines found in the overall design. From the cabinets to the lighting and tile, most of the shapes found have a straight edge and vertical lines. While the rug helps break up the repetition and keeps the room from feeling too monotonous, the Luxx pool table’s horizontal figure and angled legs also do a lot to break up the space.

The Luxx is a beautiful ode to modern architecture. Sleek and featuring a gorgeous black finish, it embraces both modernity and elegance without overcomplicating the design. It adds another darker shade to a largely light, neutral room, helping ground the space and providing a focal point at the same time.

Its slate top is covered in steel gray cloth, as well, further pulling from the overall modern yet neutral color scheme of the space. Interior pockets keep the silhouette sleek, with corners that join for a seamless piece.

West State helped deliver and install this gorgeous pool table by Canada Billiard to the Los Angeles residence. Our stores only carry the highest caliber of game room furniture, pool and billiards tables, and Canada Billiard is one of the best in the industry. Their tables boast some of the highest quality standards and innovative designs in a constantly changing industry.

Come visit one of our three large showrooms in Southern California and explore our inventory! Our team can help you find the perfect table or game room furniture to fit your needs, personality, and play style. Get started on creating your dream game room today!

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