Bold And Elegant Pool Table In Corona, CA

The residents of this Corona home wanted a beautiful piece that fit their luxurious interiors and spacious entertainment area. The Luxx pool table proved a good match for their style and needs.

With its large open area and tall windows, this home’s entertainment space provides an inviting and relaxing atmosphere for family members and guests alike. The windows allow a large amount of natural light to filter through and keep the space feeling roomy, despite the darker furniture used throughout the design.

Natural materials make up the bulk of the interior style, from the hardwood floors and shelving to the leather couch on the far wall and the fur rug beneath the table. The hardwood floors show off the natural grain, with no stain and only a light varnish to make the floors gleam. On the far wall above the couch, darker wood shelves also show off their natural grain despite the darker stain. This touch adds to the natural design aesthetic found throughout the entertainment room.

Earthy neutrals reign in this space, bringing traditional elegance without feeling overly rustic. The tones are reflected in everything, in varying shades, providing a cozy atmosphere that is warm, inviting, and reminiscent of traditional country homes. Light elements also contrast the dark to provide balance, so the room feels neither too dark nor too airy.

To add visual interest, the floor is arranged in a herringbone pattern, which serves to highlight the beauty of the wood’s natural grain and to contrast the abundance of straight vertical and horizontal lines featured. The windows, featuring strong vertical visuals with the addition of floor-to-ceiling curtains, are mirrored in the piece of art hanging over the couch, drawing the eye upward to the high ceiling. In order to break up these elements, the shelving is mounted perpendicularly to the art, providing visual contrast that is then reflected in the couch, which forms the bottom border of the painting.

Into this visual mix comes the Luxx pool table by Canada Billiard. Strong, bold horizontal lines are broken up by angled legs and a foundation that features artistic, triangular arches. Not only does this break up the stronger features of the table, lending it a beautiful but natural elegance, but it matches the herringbone pattern of the floor. This is an entertainment room built on balance and harmony between the different visual planes.

The pool table features a sleek, black finish that is softened and warmed by the surrounding natural brown hues found in the room. Its slate is finished with billiard cloth in Camel, which also helps soften the darker black color. The beauty of the Luxx table is the simplicity of its design, which allows it to blend in seamlessly with any design style, taking on the qualities of the rest of the room’s furniture. This makes it the perfect choice for anyone looking for a luxurious table without having to commit to a certain design aesthetic.

West State Billiards and Gamerooms helped deliver and set up this table for the Corona homeowners. We pride ourselves on our quality customer service and wide range of premium game room furniture, including pool tables. Our expert staff can help you find the right pieces for your dream gameroom that fit your budget, style, and playing needs. Come visit one of our three Southern California showrooms and get started on designing your dream game experience today!

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