Clean, Sleek Modern Pool Table In Upland, CA


The owners of this Upland residence wanted to create the perfect entertainment space. They chose a table from Presidential Billiards to serve as the centerpiece for their room.

Despite its unfinished appearance, the room shows promise as a place to gather and spend fun moments together. The entertainment area is spacious, allowing for comfortable playing space, as well as room for guests who aren’t playing pool to mingle and talk. Even with the pool table placed near-center in the room, the homeowners could no doubt fit more than enough seating and play areas to accommodate their entertainment needs.

The white walls and beautiful hardwood floors suggest a lighter, breezier atmosphere. Texture is on full display with the wood grain, which comes in a soft, cool tan color. In perfect line with this minimalist, yet breezy atmosphere, comes the Presidential Pierce pool table.

The deep brown hues of the wood contrast the cooler flooring, but doesn’t clash with it. If anything, this contrast accentuates the wood grains of both woods and continues the natural theme hinted at in the design. Stainless steel legs and fixtures accentuate the wood and shine brilliantly in the natural lighting coming in through the large windows of the room.

By far the largest draw of this table are the clean lines featured throughout its design. A silver band winds its way around the entire piece, making a clear break between the rails and the rest of the table. Crisp cutouts give the steel legs character and a crisp, modern design.

The table it topped by Academy Blue Teflon-coated cloth, which helps protect both the cloth and the slate beneath from any spills or stains. It makes the perfect choice for any entertainment space where drinks, food, and games will mingle, especially at parties. This will keep the table looking beautiful for years to come.

Everything in this California foothills residence invokes clean lines, clean textures, and a clean aesthetic. Even the drop pockets adhere to this sense of smooth, clear-cut shapes without any rough edges. Superior quality cushions and a solid cabinet also keep this table looking sleek and brand new.

West State Billiards and Gamerooms is proud to carry such brands as Presidential Billiards. With their high standards and superior craftsmanship, Presidential tables rarely disappoint. We rest assured knowing this table will last these homeowners for years to come and endure many a lively game of pool. If you’re looking for the best in gameroom furniture, look no further than our stores! Our team can help you find the right billiards table for your dream gameroom. Just stop by one of our three Southern California showrooms today!

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