Casual Modern Pool Table In La Jolla

The residents of this La Jolla home needed a pool table that would match their beautiful modern interiors. It also needed to be sleek and small enough to accommodate the limited space they had overlooking the coastline.

With large, segmented floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the California coast, there is no shortage of natural light in this home. It also provides a gorgeous view that should be enjoyed as much as possible. The only obstacle was the limited square feet available for a table.

This Aramith Fusion model fit the right dimensions and, as a dining-pool table combo, saves space as well. It features black paint on the legs and frame, giving it a contemporary vibe that is neither ostentatious nor fussy. They also match the black legs of nearby side tables and décor. The rails and dining top are a premium walnut that matches the use of natural materials elsewhere in the home. Its soft, warm color also provides some warmth to contrast the more modern metallic colors found in the lighting fixtures and frames.

Tying the entire aesthetic together is the Simonis Slate Grey cloth, which bridges the gap between the two neutral tones of brown and black. It also offers some warmth, bringing out other warmer tones found in the wood flooring, the white walls, and even the metallic elements, which have hints of warmer undertones to them.

The Fusion model offers a brand-new take on the dining and pool table combination. No matter your entertainment needs, it can act as a place for everyone to gather and enjoy each other’s company. Its simple design also invites you to relax and unwind after a long day, perfect for the casual California lifestyle of La Jolla.

If there is one way to describe this residence, it is casual, modern comfort. With the premium quality only Aramith can offer, this pool table is sure to provide years of entertainment and use as a dining set. It’s the perfect addition to this coastal residence. Trust West State Billiards and Gamerooms to get the right table for your lifestyle!

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