Contemporary Pool Table In La Habra Heights

For this La Habra Heights residence, the homeowners wanted a beautiful table to match their contemporary interior design style. Architectural structures and luxury materials were the main features, so they needed a table that could stand on its own.

The entertainment space sits between the kitchen, living and dining rooms. Because of the open concept floorplan, there are very few walls obstructing the view from room to room. This makes the space feel much larger than it is, and during the day, it allows natural light to reach further into the rooms. It also provides a beautiful view of the city.

There is one wall, which is covered from floor to ceiling with veined marble tile in whites and grays that matches the white and gray tones found throughout the rest of the design. Similar tones can be found in the stone tile floor, the white chairs in the living room, and the white chairs at the dining table and island.

Complimenting the gray and white neutrals are various shades of cool-toned browns, found in the wood furniture and the leather chairs. The same light-toned and desaturated browns are found in the California House Origami pool table, which features their smoke finish with a glaze. Not only does the color almost perfectly match the dining table, but it also offers the same reflective qualities found throughout the room in the other pieces of furniture.

Adding a bit of color is the Navy cloth. It complements the subtle pops of blue found throughout the art found in the home, which keep the room from feeling too washed out. Perhaps the most striking feature, however, are the legs.

The 8’ Origami pool table features an architectural design unlike any other, with clean lines that invoke elegance while also providing visual interest to any space. Asymmetrical lines break up the horizontal and vertical lines created by the rest of the furniture in the room, so nothing feels too structured. Like the rest of the room, the lines help balance both the straight lines of the tiles and walls, as well as working with the rounder features found in the light fixtures, chairs, and decorations. This leads to an overall balanced effect.

Like California House’s other pool tables, the Origami model features solid, kiln-dried wood and has a durable finish that ensures this table stands the test of time. The inner pockets are vegetable-dyed and offer that satisfying ‘click’ sound when a ball falls into the pouch. Adding to the high quality is the table’s inch-thick, diamond-honed slate and K66 profile cushions that make for the best playing experience.

This La Habra Heights home will definitely enjoy hours and even years of entertainment. With matching accessories and West State’s commitment to quality and service, you can trust West State Billiards and Gamerooms to provide what you need.

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