Beachy Convertible Pool Table In Costa Mesa

The owners of this Costa Mesa residence wanted a gorgeous table capable of bringing a new sense of entertainment and recreation into their lives, while also complementing their beachside lifestyle. Among the variety of tables offered, the La Condo table by Canada Billiards was the perfect fit.

With limited space, it was important to have a piece that served multiple functions so not an inch of this property’s backyard was wasted. This made having a convertible table a must-have. Installed beneath a well-sheltered patio, this piece still needed the durability to last as long outdoors as it could indoors, too. The La Condo is tall enough that its matching benches can easily be stored beneath it during gameplay, and easily converts back into a place for entertainment and dining. Not only that, but it boasts the high-quality standards Canada Billiard is known for.

The backyard, while not necessarily deep, is long enough that it can accommodate a sizeable patio, chairs, and other recreational areas for these homeowners. To bring in a bit more of the beach atmosphere, the back wall is painted with a semi-realistic mural depicting the beach and the ocean in the distance. One can never feel like they are too far from the ocean with this mural!

Even better are the number of plants within the yard, which provide much needed greenery and a tropical atmosphere that brightens up even the gloomiest of marine fog. The rest of the patio is filled with other natural elements, including tiles in a soft tan color and dark wood and metal to finish the beach aesthetic.

Like all Canada Billiard series, the pool table is made of solid wood to provide the strongest durability and ensure the furniture ages well. Leg levelers and framed slate ensure a high quality of play, along with professional grade “Master Speed®” rubber cushions. Even the dining tabletop is made from the highest quality wood to ensure the best protection.

In order to match the more natural, laid-back atmosphere, the table and its matching storage benches and top, are finished with a chocolate brown stain that is reflected in the posts for the patio cover. They also match the chairs nearby, too. Relaxing atmospheres are often neutral in tones, but that does not mean they need to be washed out. The darker stain helps break up the lighter neutral tones, so not everything is one-note in the design.

The slate is topped with a gorgeous turquoise cloth that matches the blues found in the mural. This brings a much-needed pop of color to the rest of the neutral space. It also helps bring out the brown tones found in the wood’s finish.

With a high-quality table, these homeowners are sure to get years of enjoyment out of their new pool table and its matching seating. This is perfect for entertaining guests, friends, and family. They can eat and follow their meal with a lovely round of pool! West State Billiards happily delivered this beautiful set to this home. Trust our stores to find exactly what you need.

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