Industrial Chic Pool Table And Shuffleboard In Huntington Beach, CA

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The owners of this Huntington Beach residence wanted tables that would fit their entertainment space, from the accent wall to the modern flooring. Our associate Paul Lockhart helped the clients find the right fit. With such an industrial space, the clear choice was the Canada Cloud pool table and matching shuffleboard.

With a brick accent wall, this residence evokes the industrial chic style, made especially popular in recent years. Industrial chic, or design, is known for emphasizing raw elements and factory looks. While apartments, especially in cities like New York, have been at the forefront of the design style, more people are embracing the urban look in their own homes regardless of where they live.

Adding to the overall design aesthetic are the light wood planks that make up the flooring. Set in a modern chevron style, they also call to mind the converted loft apartments found in former industrial cities around the world. Grays, cool browns, and soft beiges work together to pull the entire look together, accenting grays found in the flooring, the brick, the window shades, and the game tables themselves. While this many neutrals may seem boring, textures and interesting patterns keep everything from being too one-note.

The Cloud pool table takes up space on the left, underneath one window. Bright lighting brings out the shine in the gray finish, making the table look like it is made of pure metal rather than solid wood. It sits on legs designed to give the illusion that the top is floating on air, cleverly hiding the posts supporting the playing surface. Rather than the standard four leg design, the legs are rectangles with an open space in the center, allowing for air flow and design flow with an unbroken sight line. Adding to the neutral tones with a texture of its own is the camel-colored billiards cloth, which pulls color cues from the floor and the variegated brick accent wall.

Underneath a second window and directly to the right of the pool table is a matching shuffleboard unit. Like its counterpart, it features a shiny, sleek gray finish reminiscent of industrial steel. Black cloth beneath the shuffleboard helps the more natural-toned wood stand out for a clean look. This model also includes the same open-leg design that gives the illusion of floating without compromising structural integrity. This piece was specifically made to match the pool table, making it one of a kind.

Like all of Canada Billiards’ models, both tables feature the same, solid wood construction, premium slate, and professional rubber cushions that make them the leading manufacturers in the industry. Bolted rails, steel beams, and a bolted base frame only add to the level of structure and stability found in every model created by the company.

With such high standards, customers can expect to get years’ worth of gameplay out of their new, professional pool table and matching shuffleboard model. Great for entertaining family, friends, and other guests, you can’t go wrong with a Canada Billiard model. West State Billiards and Gamerooms is proud to offer such great products and install them for their customers. Visit our showrooms to see for yourselves!


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