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RS Barcelona RS3

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With the RS3 you can enjoy the same sensations as with its bigger cousin, the RS2, but with new features. Despite its more lightweight look, thanks to the robust structure of RS3 you can play with the enthusiasm of a child but with the strength of an adult. The RS3 design football table combines design, playability and durability so you can enjoy the game to the full. It’s a football table manufactured in metal and other high-quality materials, with striking colours that make it the centre of attention, whether in sedate black or vivacious red. It’s designed to suit any space and its steel structure makes it extremely hardwearing, with the stability necessary for intense use. It’s the perfect item for playing not just at home but also in common areas such as offices, bars and hotels, both outdoors and indoors. Each colour (white, black, red, blue, green and yellow) comes with standard teams. However, the RS3 is customisable. You can choose your favourite teams, the line-up (3-3-4 or 2-5-3) and the field colour. You can decide whether to have players with legs joined together or two legs. You can have male players, female players or mixed teams, and you can choose the colour of their skin. You can even have logos. Design your own RS3 and make it unique.
White (RAL 9016) Black (RAL 9005) Red (RAL 3020) Green (NCS S 7005-B80G)

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