Brunswick REFURBISHED Gold Crown 2 Pool Table, Antique White Finish, 4.5″ Pockets, Artemis Cushions – Ready


This Parsons table combines clean lines with hand-weathered wood. This billiards table is crafted to tournament standards by Brusniwck – the defining name in pocket billiards sine 1845. Topped with Brazilian slate, premium felt and patented rails, it offers superb play for a lifetime. Please also see the rest of the Parsons line to complete your game room.

Brunswick Gold Crown 2 pool table. I have 8 of these tables that came out of Cal State Fullerton. We have restored the sub-rails because they were so many staples over the years. We are installing Black K55 Cushions on these tables unless a customer is requesting Brunswick Superspeed or Artemis K55. We can also tight the pockets using subrail extensions to any size between 4″ – 4.5″. The metal has been polished. The wood has been painted an original Antique White, Black when can even paint the aprons the blue or orange to match the original table of this era.


These tables are drop pocket. They don’t have the original plastic skirts, ball tray molding, bridgeholders.


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