Custom Parsons Pool Table For Irvine Apartment Complex

From private homes to apartment complexes, pool tables are a great addition to any entertainment space. This high-rise in Irvine needed a fully customized table for their community space to provide hours of fun for their residents. Our associate Paul Lockhart was able to find what they needed and CDC Designs helped bring their vision into reality.

The building’s community room features a modern, clean aesthetic that creates an open, airy environment where tenants can mingle and relax. Cream-colored walls allow the natural light to reflect around the room, further adding to the open feeling of the area. Six ceiling lights provide extra lighting where it is needed.

Natural wood grains are featured throughout the design, too. Wood creates a backdrop on one wall and is featured in frames around photos. This same style is carried into the wooden floors, which are matching in tone and color. Everything about this room is about modern, clean lines at interesting angles for visual interest. Contrasting the more traditional horizontal and vertical lines, the rest of the space’s furniture features chairs with angled legs, rounded tables, and a variety of materials to keep everything fresh.

This makes the WS Designer Parsons table a perfect fit. The customers ordered a customized version, with wide rails and a custom stain to match the other wood elements in the entertainment area. It is made of solid maple, providing a sturdy playing surface and long-lasting piece of game furniture. CDC Designs helped create the custom pool table for our happy clients.

The Parsons pool table for this residence also features traditional corners, joined at a 90-degree angle. This helps it blend in with the other linear elements in the interior design, but the pool table looks far from what comes to mind when anyone thinks of the traditional pool table. Camel colored cloth helps the table blend in seamlessly with the natural, light color palette featured throughout.

In an apartment complex that houses many tenants, having a sturdy and long-lasting pool table is a necessity. It needs to be able to endure multiple games, different styles of play, and use all year round. Like the other tables we offer, West State makes sure that our designer billiards tables are created to withstand these factors for years. We want our customers to get the most out of this investment.

We helped deliver and install this table at the apartment building in Irvine, ensuring it was level for excellent playing experiences no matter who uses it. West State pride ourselves on our excellent quality and our customer service, which means we are more than happy to help customers with their customized tables if they cannot find the one they are looking for. Our knowledgeable staff can walk you through the process of finding, creating, and ordering your perfect pool table. Bring your dream game room to life! Contact us today or come visit one of our three Southern California showrooms.

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