Change It Program

Don't like it? Change it, re-arrange it!

Relax, don’t worry. Our Change it, Re-arrange it program will take the stress out of buying. We know how stressful making decisions can be when you want to get it just right. We’re here for you. If for any reason you’re not happy with your product or decision you can exchange it or change it with no loss of value to the original sale price of the product. Here’s the deal:


Within 2 weeks of delivery, you can change the table without losing any value to the original sale price of the product. You can only trade for a table with a higher price, we won’t be returning any money. You’re only responsible for the new cloth and labor of the installation and removal associated with the exchange. Example: You purchase a pool table at $3000, you don’t like after you see it in your home, you wish you purchased a different table that is $5000, let’s get you that table. You will need to pay the difference of $2000, $80 for standard cloth (our cost), $375 (if standard) delivery and Installation and removable of replaced table ($150).

Change It Pool Tables 02


Want a different color or type of cloth, that’s fine. You will be responsible for the new cloth and labor to install it. Cloth Example: You don’t like the color or type of cloth; you pay our cost on the cloth and the labor for installation.

Change It Cloth 02


Items must be in new, resell-able condition you can use them as credit towards the new product. Cues and Accessory Example: let’s say you don’t like the balls, take the value of the balls, put that towards the set that you like, and you pay the difference.

Change It Accessories 02

We're not making any money, we just don’t want to lose.

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