Refined, Natural Pool Table In Westlake Village

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The homeowners of this Westlake Village home wanted a table that complemented their beautiful California home. After help from our associate Tanner Butera, they were able to find the right one. Canada Billiards offered the perfect model to fit their lifestyle and their room.

This entertainment room is narrow, but long, and features an entire wall of windows. This brings in much needed natural light, that is paired with soft sage green walls for a light, bright, and airy environment. To combat the narrower size of the room, the owners chose a neutral color palette, broken up by a few accent colors.

The colors also help enhance the warmth of the space. Above the fireplace mantle is an accent wall in a muted terracotta tone. Other accents include the gold and bronze fixtures and decor items, all paired with the deep browns found in the floor, pool table, and furniture.

The floor, especially, helps tie in the warm browns, in a dark tone reminiscent of soil. This same color is reflected in the pillows on the two armchairs and the wood frames on display. Textures create visual interest, too, so that nothing comes across as too boring or one-dimensional.

Sitting in the middle of this room is the Canada Billiards Luxx pool table. Made of solid walnut, the owners chose a natural finish to keep in theme with the rest of the natural materials on display. Matching brown pockets help keep the silhouette smooth and consistent. Completing this look is the red billiards cloth on top.

The brown tones of the walnut wood are an almost perfect match with the walnut flooring below. Both feature the same warmth and visible wood grain that show off the beauty of the material. Matching wooden legs also create an unbroken sight line from the floor to the top of the table.

While the red billiards cloth might at first seem out of place, it fits right into the warm tones and muted colors of the entertainment space. The reddish tint found in the terracotta accent wall helps keep the red from becoming too overpowering in the design, and instead works as an anchor point for the eyes.

Like all Canada Billiards tables, this gorgeous Luxx model features Master Speed cushions and 1-inch slate for the optimal play experience. Leg levelers ensure it stays on even footing, so no one has to deal with an unfairly adjusted surface. The pool table’s design is one unique to Canada Billiards, and recalls class, refinement, and the solid strength of the walnut tree. With a lifetime guarantee, these Westlake Village homeowners are sure to enjoy many evenings spent playing pool.

West State Billiards is proud to carry such beautiful, high-quality pool tables for all our customers. No matter the style, length, or colors, our knowledgeable staff can find the perfect one for your entertainment room. Our mission is to sell the best the industry has to offer, including this refined Luxx model. Call us or come visit one of our three showrooms today to find your perfect pool table.

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