Glass Pool Tables and Acrylic Game Tables

Everyone is familiar with the pool tables made of wood, which are known for their elegant and exquisite designs. Recently, however, it has become increasingly popular to build tables out of non-traditional materials. From metal to glass and acrylic, the trend continues to see a rise in interest across the furniture industry, including pool and game tables.

The Rise of Acrylic and Glass Pool Tables

Buying a game table is already a challenge for many, as most consumers often find themselves overwhelmed by the available options and different materials. For casual players, this can be especially intimidating, as they may not be familiar with pool table features that affect gameplay. Add to that the cost of specific models, and homeowners are left even more confused about what to purchase.

Most want their pool table or game table to fit the interior design style they already have established, too. Still, budgetary restrictions can hinder what customers can afford. Glass has become the material of choice for homeowners looking to add a bit of luxury to their homes, leading to a rise in requests for glass pool tables. Unfortunately, it often comes at a higher cost.

This has led consumers to opt for acrylic pool or foosball tables to achieve the same effect. It might seem like a cheaper option, but it is, in fact, a better choice for the cost, durability, and design.

What Is Acrylic?

Acrylic is a plastic material that often looks like glass. In fact, many people know this material by the name Plexiglass. As a material, it can come in a wide spectrum of colors and opacities, though in furniture, it most often appears as clear.

This type of plastic has unique properties that make it ideal for various uses, from household items to fiber optic cables. It also is excellent for other manufacturing products. Unlike other types of plastic or even other materials, acrylic boasts high impact resistance, high optical clarity, excellent stability, and UV resistance. It is also popular for its lightweight properties, meaning most products made of acrylic are easily movable.

Why Choose Acrylic Game Tables Over Glass Pool Tables?

Despite its popularity among manufacturers, many customers are still wary of buying acrylic pool tables or other game furniture. High-intensity games, such as pool, call into question the integrity and stability of furniture made from plastic. Other homeowners also associate plastic with cheaper quality.

Luckily, when it comes to game room furniture, acrylic is the best material for clear, glass-like tables. Not only does it give the high-end look of glass, but it is far more durable with properties that replicate those found in traditional wooden models.


Acrylic has a good elasticity that comfortably compares to wood. This means the gameplay experience for acrylic tables is extremely similar to the gameplay found when using wooden pool tables. Both foosball and billiards tables made of acrylic can provide the same specifications as any traditional model, too, and offer a chance for players to show off their skill without worrying about their game being affected.

For this reason, the luxury billiards company Massimiliano Maggio chose acrylic for some of their luxurious and elegant designs. Originally, the company used glass to create one-of-a-kind tables for their clients. Unfortunately, over time, they found that glass proved too rigid a material and often affected how the balls rolled across the surface. Often, they were thrown off course, ruining gameplay.


Acrylic may be lighter than glass, but it is still as strong. Tables made from this material are perfect for high-use areas, such as bars, and are durable to last in any recreational area. Plexiglass is also easier to polish than glass, and specialized wraps can help eliminate any scratches made during gameplay.

This is often not a problem since acrylic is more resistant to scratches than glass, which is often easily scratched by any material making contact with the surface. Repolishing acrylic also gets rid of these scratches as well. With glass, once it is scratched, there is no getting rid of it.

For those worried about what happens to their acrylic tables once they have reached the end of their life, acrylic is a great option. It is eco-friendly and sustainable. In fact, it can be melted and recycled as many times as you want, meaning little waste is generated.

Appearance and Customizations

Aside from its scratch resistance, acrylic is entirely see-through. Because glass pool tables are much heavier, it requires bolts and screws to keep it in place, making the table appear less seamless and often showcasing any flaws in the material.

When manufacturing acrylic pool tables, manufacturers can use a special glue to stick the pieces together and bake them to become a single, continuous piece. This material can then be polished by hand to shine. In fact, with a suitable polish, the material shines brighter than glass. Plexiglass allows light to shine straight through; glass will always have an azure or green shade, affecting the quality of its shine.

For those who want something other than clear, colored acrylic can provide a wide range of customization options. You can order anything, from blue to pink, or even something fluorescent. Further adding to customization abilities is that plexiglass can be shaped however you want.

Glass can only be manufactured in panels, cut and assembled with screws and bolts. While there is some room for customization in how the glass is cut, there are limitations. Weight and the impact during gameplay can all affect how much the material can be cut, as glass is prone to shattering.

Massimiliano Maggio’s line of acrylic game tables is made of a unique formula meant to be ultra-clear when developed and treated with UV-resistant finishes that only make the tables sparkle brighter in the sunlight. This makes it great for outdoor use and there is no risk of burning yourself during gameplay, unlike glass.

Gameplay Ambiance

Another reason glass is often inferior to acrylic is the gameplay experience it offers. Pool is as much a game about skill as it is about the nostalgic and satisfying sound of scoring. Glass often muffles or completely removes the sound of the billiards balls hitting the rails or landing into the pocket. It might not seem a big deal for most, but acrylic is the way to go for those wanting the sweet sound of a successfully sunk ball.

Find The Perfect Acrylic Table For Your Game Room

As glass and acrylic tables continue to rise in popularity, finding where to buy them and guarantee they are high quality can be difficult. Massimiliano Maggio has been manufacturing acrylic pool and foosball tables for years and is the only company making game furniture from high-quality, durable acrylic. After the unfortunate closing of their US facility in Florida following the pandemic, they are once again offering the American market the chance to own one of their luxury pieces.

West State Billiards and Gamerooms is proud to offer our customers the chance to own one of these gorgeous models. Whether you are looking for a new pool table or foosball is more your style, we have the right products you are looking for. Visit one of our three Southern California showrooms or call us today to learn more about the newest trend in billiards and game tables!

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