This began the brand’s journey to becoming the premier table tennis table manufacturer. As the times changed, Cornilleau’s methods changed with them. Pierre Cornilleau, son of Emile, made the decision in 1988 to produce an affordable outdoor ping pong table using high pressure laminate and aimed at the general public. Its affordability led to table tennis becoming a true outdoor sport, accessible to anyone who wanted to play.

In 1995, the brand had to adapt again, as backyard spaces remained small and unable to accommodate large furniture and game tables. Cornilleau designed the compact table, one that could be folded up and put away when not in use. Years later, this design became the standard due to its improved safety and comfort of use.

The company has continued to develop new products and has since expanded their market well outside of France. This makes them one of few elite French brands whose expertise and success have expanded beyond their home country.

Cornilleau offers a variety of models to choose from to suit your needs. All their tables come with a ten-year warranty and feature the company’s excellent quality, commercial-grade materials, and innovative design. Safety features include locking wheels and a 16-point locking mechanism that keeps the table from moving when in use. Their tables are easy to setup, making it safe for everyone in the family to set up the table themselves.

Their tables can withstand the harshest of outdoor elements, making them a popular purchase for resorts worldwide. Their legs are also heigh adjustable so they can be properly leveled on uneven terrain and are made of sturdy materials. Large wheels allow for anyone to maneuver the ping pong table over whatever terrain they face.

Cornilleau tables also feature a phenolic playfield, which offers a truer bounce sure to delight all players. Ball dispensers make it easy to store everything needed to play, with point counters conveniently located so you don’t need to worry about losing track of your score. Other models also include cup holders and accessory holders for convenience.

If you plan to set up the table yourself, Cornilleau offers excellent online assembly videos and resources so you can get started playing right away! West State also posts links to their assembly instructions on the ping pong table’s product page for easy access.

Each product is designed and manufactured in France. The brand strives to make the experience of playing outdoor or indoor table tennis more enjoyable, accessible, and comfortable without compromising on quality. Their commitment to durability also shines through in all their tables.

West State Billiards and Gamerooms is proud to offer Cornilleau table tennis tables. If you’re looking for a durable game table for your home, look no further than Cornilleau! We also offer a table cover so you can ensure your table lasts for years to come. West State can help you choose your table tennis setup then deliver and assemble your new ping pong table. Come visit one of our showrooms today and find the perfect game table for your needs.

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