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Mike DeWitt was the original founder of All Weather Billiards and Games, which would eventually become R&R Outdoors. He was a devoted pool player with a vast background in mechanical engineering and fabrication, which would serve him well when he was asked by a friend to build a pool table that could withstand the outdoors. After designing several prototypes, Mike built the first authentic slate, outdoor, and weather-resistant pool table. This laid the foundation for what would become a successful business.

In 2006, All Weather Billiards grew its product line from one simple design to four different designs, including its popular Caesar, Orion, South Beach, and Caribbean outdoor pool tables. This introduced variety in his catalogue. That variety continues to expand to this day.

Seven years after this expansion, in 2013, R&R Outdoors, Inc. purchased and re-energized All Weather Billiards. Robbie Selby bought the original company from founder Mike DeWitt. The goal for the company, though, stayed the same. Robbie was just as devoted to producing high-quality outdoor pool tables as his predecessor.

With the brand re-energized and ready to launch into a new era, the first of many improvements was to come. In 2015, R&R Outdoors launched its hard-top dining conversions with available bench seating. This allowed customers to convert their outdoor pool table into a great space for dining, playing tabletop games, or simply enjoying what the outdoors had to offer.

The company did not stop there. In 2017, Robbie designed and launched an additional two outdoor games to add to the product lineup. Those two products were the outdoor shuffleboard and cornhole tables. Since then, foosball has also been added to the lineup, giving customers the variety they want in durable outdoor gaming tables.

All their tables are crafted from corrosion-resistant materials. Pool tables feature top rails made from a custom alloy extrusion using 6061 heat-treated rails with the strongest rail components of any pool table. The welding is done with precision heli-arc welders, commonly used to manufacture marine and aircraft components.

Each product is finished with an environmentally-safe exterior finish that is electro-static heat baked to over 400 degrees Fahrenheit to provide the most durable finish in the business. Every piece is precision-measured, and they only use stainless steel fasteners for increased durability.

No need to worry about the cloth either. The play surface and rail cushion cloth, or felt, is made for outdoor use by Sunbrella, the leader in performance fabrics. This cloth is specifically made to withstand outdoor use on furniture, marine, and commercial products. R&R products are easy to care for by simply washing their surface with mild soap and water, then letting it dry.

To complete their premium outdoor pool tables, the manufacturer uses precision alloy castings for a beautiful design and great playability. K-66 master cushions provide tournament grade play and are sealed for use in any weather.

R&R Outdoors, Inc. is more than just their quality outdoor game tables. They believe in giving back to their local community of Naples, FL and around the world. This includes partnering with organizations such as Hope for Haiti and the Special Olympics.

Their motto– “Life is better played outside”– reflects their commitment to high quality, outdoor game furniture. Products are built to withstand the wind, rain, saltwater, and snow. No matter how well you take care of your table, it will last for years to come.

All their products are proudly made in the U.S. in their Tennessee facility. Each piece is handcrafted and custom built for the best pool playing experience. You can rest assured that you’re buying a quality product and supporting the local economy through your purchase.

Whether you are looking for a pool table, shuffleboard, or other gaming table, R&R has the products you need. Choose from a range of premium products and start enjoying the outdoors! With three showrooms across Southern California, you can visit any West State location and see the quality for yourself. There’s no need to worry about assembly either! West State can deliver and install your new pool table no matter where you live.

We help homeowners bring their dream game room to life. Contact or visit us today, and our team of experts can help match the right table to your needs for the best prices in the area!

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