Since its founding in 1970, Tornado has become the leading manufacturer of high quality, tournament style foosball tables in the world. Over the past 52 years, the company has manufactured several different models. Each one has now become a regular staple in their catalogue and features patented designs. Their high quality has made them the official table of the International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF) and are considered the top playing table in the world by most international players.

Tornado foosball tables are some of the finest commercial grade tables available. Their most popular table, the Tornado T-3000 Foosball Table, features a stainless-steel cabinet made to last. A split cabinet design allows for easy maintenance.

The legs are solid plastic lumber and will not warp or bend, with adjustable leg levels to ensure smooth play. For the best play possible, the playing field is laminated to decrease friction.

Stainless steel rods can withstand the most aggressive play and won’t rust or bend. The table’s overall heavy, durable construction ensures it’ll remain stable no matter how fierce the game gets! The handles are wood and feature friction grip. No need to worry about losing control of the rods.

Each player is molded from ABS plastic, made to withstand intense gameplay. They are also counter balanced. This makes it easier to position them on the field. The Tornado Tournament 3000 table allows for a 1 or 3-goalie configuration, as well, so play is fully customized.

Tornado foosball tables provide a superior quality playing experience that is sure to last wherever you keep it. Compete on the patio with friends with a new outdoor foosball table or keep it inside and upgrade your game room or home! Their game tables are the preferred product among professional tournament players, and all have the features expected of tournament-worthy equipment even if you’re just using it for your home.

West State Billiards can deliver and install your new table no matter where you live in Southern California. We offer flexible pricing options for delivery and assembly on your foosball table. Let us bring your game room dreams to life with our range of amazing new game tables! Come visit one of our three showrooms today.

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