The owner of Vision created the company to act as a distributor for European-favorite Bilijardai. Operating out of Lithuania, Bilijardai is family-owned and run in Europe, with a focus on selling and distributing handcrafted, premium pool tables. Since 1994, the business has specialized in a variety of designs and styles. As a fellow Lithuanian, the owner of Vision wanted to bring the Americas the finest in European billiards, and thus the partnership between Vision and Bilijardai was born.

A favorite in the States, their convertible pool table is one of their highest selling products. They also specialize in Russian pyramid tables, also known as Russian billiards tables, snooker, carom, and American (Western) pool tables. Vision is the only distributor in the US and Canada that sells these tables certified by the International Pyramid Committee and European Pyramid Committee. With such high standards, you can expect nothing less than exceptional play. To complete the set, they also offer table conversions if the customer wants a multi-use table and a variety of accessory kits.

With Vision, you get the ultimate pool table experience. Their convertible pool table acts as both a game table and a dining table, though the conversion top can be customized to your needs. Many customers find they make great conference tables or even office desks when not in use for a game of billiards. If the variety seems overwhelming, there is no need to worry. Like West State, Vision offers a complete walkthrough to make sure the table fits your specifications. Choose from the range of styles, stain colors, cloth colors, wood, conversions tops and more and trust that you will have the pool table of your dreams.

Turnaround times for Vision tables largely depend on warehouse inventory and whether a piece needs to be custom-made in Lithuania, but customers know the wait is well worth it. This brand is so popular that even business mogul and celebrity icon Sir Richard Branson owns his very own Bilijardai. Glowing testimonials from around the United States are proof that the Americas has an appetite for bespoke, luxury pool tables.

Vision strives to remain at the top of its game and the industry by lab testing all their pieces for durability over several months. Their high-quality standards and exceptional design have earned them multiple international design awards and the distinction of being the official game table for international billiards tournaments. Each piece is carefully constructed with an assemblage of solid wood, metal, slate, and high-grade professional cloth, so customers know their table will stand even the roughest games.

West State Billiards and Gamerooms is proud to offer such a high-end brand for the best prices. Our partnership with Vision ensures players in the United States do not miss out on the best Europe has to offer. Come visit one of our three showrooms, and our staff can walk you through creating your custom Vision pool table. With a company like this, you can’t go wrong! Call or visit today and find the table you have been looking for.

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