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West State Billiards began as a pool hall and billiard cloth wholesaler. In 1946, Frank Spencer Ball founded the company in Long Beach with three principles in mind: sell the highest quality pool tables and game room furniture available, sell them at great prices, and provide exceptional and efficient customer service and support. These three principles would form the foundation for our current business model, more than seven decades later.

Our focus is to provide high quality designs that can fit into any home or entertainment space. Gone are the days of dark, basement rooms and pool tables shoved into corners, out of the way. We believe our products should both be functional and stylish, so customers can be proud to display them in their homes. Playing the game is as much about the space as the experience, so our customers deserve pieces that are high style at home.

All our products are constructed from the finest woods, including walnut, maple, and oak. These are meant to be centerpieces for your space, subtle in their designs but with a boldness that holds anyone’s attention. You can choose from a variety of sleek, modern designs that can easily change to fit the mood, whether it is more traditional or contemporary.

The best pool tables allow their wood to shine, so West State Designer offers a range of finishes that complement the wood used. Each piece can be customized and finished to fit the interior design of your game room for a seamless style. From deep, rich tones to bringing out the natural grain in the wood, each table is made to your specifications for maximum design impact. Our leg-leveling system also ensures a flat surface for the best experience.

West State Designer also offers a variety of billiard cloth options from Championship Invitational. With a range of colors, you can find a high-quality, Teflon-coated fabric that fits both your table and your personal style. There is no need for the default green color anymore! The Teflon coating also helps prevent stains and damage caused by accidental spills or scuffs.

Our start as a billiard cloth wholesaler has provided us with the knowledge of what makes a pool table not just good, but great. With over seventy years in the industry, we hold ourselves and our products to the highest standards. Whether a professional player or just a casual enjoyer, our designer tables are meant to provide the best gameplay regardless of a player’s skill. Everyone deserves to enjoy the game; we make sure they can.

No matter what you are looking for, our products can fit any style. Perfect for any room, from traditional settings with wood paneling to modern, minimalist spaces, our products are meant to spotlight the game as much as the room itself.

When looking for the perfect table, our knowledgeable staff can help walk you through the decision and purchasing process. Not only can we answer any of your questions, but we can also deliver your new purchase to your home! No matter where you are in Southern California, we will deliver and install your new billiards equipment. Come visit one of our three showrooms and find the perfect pool table today!

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