Coastal Pool Table In La Jolla Home

La Jolla

This custom West State Ozark pool table was delivered to a beautiful home in La Jolla with an ocean view. The homeowners wanted a table to fit the coastal, yet contemporary entertainment space.

California coastal design dominates the atmosphere, complete with a natural jute rug. Large windows overlook the ocean and bring in a lot of natural light, creating an airy and light space. This entertainment room is perfect for hosting gatherings or spending a relaxing day playing pool by the ocean.

The West State Ozark table’s simple design complements the more contemporary lines and colors used throughout the space. Understated, yet elegant design features include distressed finishes, neutral tones throughout, and internal pockets with traditional pocket buckets.

It comes in a distressed chestnut glaze, allowing the natural beauty of the wood to shine through while still offering a beautiful finish. The natural element continues the coastal theme and blends well into the space without drawing attention to itself. This is done, in part, by having the glaze similar in color to the floor. It sits in the middle of the space, leaving enough room for players and entertaining, but doesn’t overwhelm the space with its size.

Charcoal cloth covers the slate top, allowing for smooth, consistent play every time. It also works well with the distressed finish and the other neutral elements throughout the house, including the black and white colors featured throughout. It also brings out the gray tones in the distressed finish, the floors, and natural rug.

The owners chose to have internal pockets with traditional pocket buckets, rather than hiding them within the wood. While some might consider the look busier, it adds visual interest in the design. The table is kept sleek, without bulky edges making it appear too big for the entertainment area. Natural leather also continues the organic, coastal feel of the space.

This completely custom West State pool table not only complements the overall space and design of this La Jolla home, but it also gives the owners a personalized gaming table fit to their needs. The West State Ozark table is sure to last decades and provide generations of fun. West State Billiards and Gamerooms can provide you with the entertainment and customized pool tables you need for your next gameroom.

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