Contemporary Entertainment Room In Dana Point

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This California House Origami pool table and shuffleboard set were delivered by West State Billiards and Gamerooms to a beautiful home overlooking the ocean in Dana Point. The owners of this home wanted a pool table and shuffleboard that complimented their contemporary space.

With sleek lines and a sculptured design, the Origami pool table and shuffleboard from California House were the perfect fit. Uncommon and asymmetrical lines add to the contemporary feel and help break up the straight lines formed by the room’s beams and other furniture.

contemporary entertainment room in dana point

The entertainment room is spacious, light, and airy, providing a bright and relaxing atmosphere. Views of the ocean add to the laid-back, but contemporary beach design.

The California House Origami pool table helps to ground this space and acts as a focal point and centerpiece within the room. It adds a sense of elegance and style, without feeling too traditional or old-fashioned. It also beautifully compliments the cool blues and grays of the other design elements throughout.

Against the window overlooking the ocean, the Origami shuffleboard table fills the space without being too bulky. Players can still join in on the fun without worrying about bumping into other guests!

Both tables feature the London Maple finish. Cool gray tones add to the contemporary feel of the tables and harmoniously mesh with the dark colors of the entertainment room’s other furniture. The distressed finish also adds a nice, natural contrast to the sleek tile flooring and stone countertops of the room, and ties in the exposed wooden beams from the ceiling.

Not only does this pool table in Dana Point, CA compliment the overall space and design, but together with the California House shuffleboard, will last for decades. Trust West State Billiards and Gamerooms to provide entertainment for family and friends for years to come.

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