Custom Modern Pool Table In Manhattan High Rise

This Manhattan high-rise needed a pool table that fit its industrial chic interior style. West State associate Paul Lockhart found the perfect model and installed it with help from Regal Billiards. New York is a city of modernity, and this apartment is no exception. Recently renovated, it features wood flooring kept with its natural finish and white walls. There is no shortage of windows around the space, letting in enough natural light to keep the space from feeling too cramped or dark. They also provide spectacular views of the New York City skyline and streets below. The owners opted for a mix of industrial style and midcentury modern in their space. Modern art hangs on the walls, offering pops of color in a space kept most neutral. This only helps highlight the surrounding furniture’s materials and craftsmanship, though. The art and textures are allowed to shine through without color cluttering the design. Only the chairs offer another pop of color within the furniture. They are built in a midcentury modern style that fits in perfectly with the timeless style of the bustling city below. A soft mustard color, the key to keeping these chairs from overwhelming the space is the fact there is a tint of gray, which tones down the otherwise bright and cheerful yellow color. These are also paired with actual gray chairs to keep the color from commanding too much attention. Midcentury modern and industrial styles are characterized by their focus on natural materials. Wood and metal are popular finishes, and these materials can be found throughout the furniture, including the pool table. This particular model is from West State’s Designer line, in the style Sentry. It is a 7-foot table with a walnut finish, and the owners opted for a charcoal Teflon-coated cloth. By using such a natural finish, the table fits right in with the other classic furniture in the space. The slightly darker shades of the table contrast nicely with the wooden floor and help ground the space. It also matches similar finishes on the couch and end tables placed around the apartment. The Sentry is a custom, made-to-order model with rectangular pedestal legs that give it the perfect modern look most homeowners are looking for in their pool tables. It also features internal pockets for a seamless design. With West State Designer billiards table, you can expect quality that easily matches those of other competitors in the business. It features the same quality rubber, slate, and billiards cloth found among some of the industry’s leaders, to ensure it meets the rigorous standards and the roughest play. This table is built to last, even against the toughest players. Guests and players of all ages and skill levels can enjoy a classic game of pool without anything to hinder gameplay. West State is proud to offer such a great quality pool table to all our customers, locally and nationwide. Whether you choose one of our own designs or opt for a well-known brand such as California House, we can assemble and deliver your new piece of game room furniture so you can enjoy the game right away! This Manhattan installation was completed with help from Regal Billiards. We thank them for extending the same level of service and delivery as West State. You can visit any of our Southern California showrooms to find your next pool table or let our associates help you!
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