Custom Pool and Air Hockey Table In Japan


The members of this Japanese business wanted high-quality gameroom furniture for their break room. With help from West State associate Paul Lockhart, these customers were able to select and customize their new pool table and air hockey unit.

Including game furniture in your office is an excellent idea for promoting a great work-life balance or just adding a little fun in this kind of setting. This Japanese business is no exception! This international school needed a place for students and faculty alike to relax and enjoy their time away from school without having to go far. This kind of recreation room is also useful during Japan’s cooler, snowy seasons.

No matter the weather, these two gameroom furniture pieces are sure to provide hours of fun. The pool table is a Presidential Black Diamond model, with a custom cloth that features the school’s name and logo. The golden crest and white writing stand out against the dark color of the Teflon-coated billiards cloth, proudly showing off its affiliation.

What makes the Black Diamond such a great option is its contemporary profile and black laminate. This makes it easier to keep clean and looks gorgeous under any light, even the harsh fluorescent lights of some buildings. The metal corner caps and trim also provide more shine and a level of class. This model also boasts a burn and scratch-resistant laminate, perfect for high-use areas, such as this school’s recreation area. The Black Diamond is a pool table built to last!

Paired with this gorgeous model is the Brunswick Premier air hockey unit. It features a modern silhouette, with industrial-style legs and trim. The unique X-frame base increases its stability, so even the wildest games do not tip it over. It also comes with a convertible game cover for use as a table or to play other games when the air hockey unit is not in use. This makes it useful for this area, which needs to make the most of its space and cater to the needs of its students and staff. Anyone can choose between playing air hockey or table tennis.

Dual-embedded abacus scorers help players keep track of their score as they play air hockey. A commercial-grade playing surface and blower motor also ensure this table lasts and can stand up to hours of gameplay. The gray-brown wood exterior also helps it fit into the space, which features orange seating and cushions around the room. Orange accent colors outside also factor into the design choice.

Both tables were installed and leveled for immediate gameplay. West State had these models specially created and delivered to the business in Japan. No matter the distance, we are committed to providing high-quality service and delivery. We are proud to offer such a great selection and provide the option for those wishing pool tables locally and abroad. Visit us online or at one of our Southern California showrooms to find the perfect model for your dream recreation room! 

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