High End Pool Table For La Quinta Rental Property

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The owners of this beautiful Coachella Valley rental home wanted to increase the value of their high-end residence with a gorgeous and well-equipped entertainment room. For an added dimension of fun, they chose to add this Presidential Hamilton pool table, sold by our associate Paul Lockhart.

To save on space, these homeowners placed their entertainment room in a spare room with easy access to the outside. This allows plenty of light to come in when the windows and doors are open. White walls help reflect that light to create an open atmosphere despite the lack of space.

To continue creating an open space, the room also includes white tiles with a high gloss finish to increase the amount of light in the small area. A mirror aids in this illusion by reflecting any existing light and making the space feel much larger than it is.

Despite the focus on reflective colors, the design is far from boring. Splashes of blue are featured throughout the décor, including the chest posters on the walls. The opposite wall also features the same shade of blue featured in those graphic designs and the rugs beneath the various game furniture around the room.

Shades of blue, gray, and off-white are featured within the rug designs, which help anchor the furniture and the pieces around the room. The change in texture from smooth, glossy surfaces to a shaggier fabric also helps create visual interest.

A shuffleboard table in a warm brown finish and a foosball table in a similar finish frame the area around the pool table itself while still providing sufficient room to play the game. The Presidential Hamilton model stands on its own in the center of the room, elegant and imposing in its silhouette. It is clear that this table is meant to be the centerpiece and main draw for the entertainment room.

Featuring the signature espresso brown finish, the Hamilton is made of solid wood to create the most durable, yet stylish pool table yet. This finish, while a shade of brown, matches well with the warm black tone featured in the posters, and matches the other tables and furniture.

Sweeping arcs make up the legs, adding the elegance and contrast to the more traditional straight lines featured throughout the game room’s design. The espresso finish works well with the default camel colored billiard cloth, but the owners chose an equally flattering blue color that matches the blue found elsewhere in the design.

The result is an entertainment room with a variety of games to choose from, beautiful designs, and the ability to provide hours of countless fun for the next tenants. There is no doubt that the addition of this space will increase the value of the home and entice those who love nothing more than to play a game of pool, shuffleboard, or foosball.

West State Billiards and Gamerooms was pleased to help bring these La Quinta residents’ dreams to life. The team helped deliver and set up the table, so it would immediately be playable, and our staff helped when customizing the design. When it comes to finding the right model for your game room, call or come visit West State at one of our three local Southern California showrooms today!

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