Urban Custom Pool Table In Manhattan Beach

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For this Manhattan Beach home, the owners chose to create a custom, convertible pool table to fit their ultra-modern, urban interior design style. West State was proud to create the perfect piece for their residence, sold by our associate Paul Lockhart.

The room itself is a combination of a dining space and a place to entertain. The walls are kept neutral yet warm, so the atmosphere is cozy and intimate, perfect for a dining room or a fun night with friends. Bright, urban-style art is featured on one of the walls, with bright yellows featured against grays and blacks. Neon lights add to this late-night city feel.

The room’s chandelier compliments the design while providing a more different visual interest. The dual lights are tilted at opposing angles, sculptural in their balance. It appears to float right above the table, with wires that help conceal how the chandelier is mounted. The illusion is stunning and only elevates the design. Despite the seemingly thin rings of light, they provide just enough to light up the room for visibility and amplify the cozy feel offered by the rest of the décor.

Due to the residence and its restrictions when it came to space, the table had to be easily convertible and multi-use. Like many pool tables we sell in our showrooms, this one features a matching top that can easily be removed in seconds to reveal the playing surface underneath. The high-gloss finish matches the high-gloss finish in the kitchen adjacent to this combination dining and entertainment room. The owners will be able to enjoy a meal and a round of pool not long after!

This custom pool table fills the space and provides a solid weight contrasting the lighter, thinner elements of décor. It anchors the room and dominates anyone’s eye when they enter the room. To mirror the structural elements of the lights above, the piece features table legs that are angled away from each other, creating another structural form in the design. The table legs have the same high gloss that help reflect the light around the table. The black billiards cloth helps counter this bright look, but otherwise, the star is that glossy finish.

These Manhattan Beach homeowners were ecstatic with their new custom pool table. Built of the same sturdy materials as the best in the industry, this model will last for generations to come. It can also handle even the roughest of play without breaking under pressure.

West State Billiards and Gamerooms is proud to offer only the best billiards tables in the industry. That includes any custom pieces we build for our customers. Whether you are looking for a custom or preassembled piece, the staff at West State can walk you through choosing the right one for your dream game room. They can also help walk you through all the options available to you. Call us or visit one of our three Southern California showrooms and start creating the entertainment room of your dreams!


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