Lush Modern Pool Table Costa Mesa

lush modern

The owners of this apartment complex in Costa Mesa wanted to offer their tenants a luxurious, welcoming space they could use for entertainment and hosting social gatherings. West State’s Paul Lockhart directed them to the perfect model to fit their modern interiors while keeping that sophisticated, luxurious touch.

What this common area lacks in width, it makes up for in length and well-placed furniture to create the illusion of a cozy, but not crowded, space for tenants and their guests alike. The far wall includes large windows that provide just the right amount of natural light to keep the space illuminated despite its darker colors. This soft, indirect light source softens the darker elements while warming all the colors so that they appear to glow.

It is especially noticeable on the café chairs and tables nearest the windows. The tables are made of a faux granite material, providing striking visuals in the form of imitated rock grains and helping bring in more neutrals through the shades of black and gray in the design. Each table has four chairs seated around it. These are a combination of warm, dark wood and rich, camel-colored leather that shines in the lighting.

Moving further back into the room, the wall to the left features floating bench seating. For an artistic flair, the bench looks as if it were supported by worn leather straps secured to the wall. Black and white gingham serves as the cloth for the backrest, while the seating is made of the same camel leather as the café chairs. The wall is also made of slats of wood the same color as the leather, reminiscent of outdoor garden fences. Photographs hung just above the bench further this idea, creating false windows.

The wall opposite uses the same wood slats, this time to frame a television and serve as the backdrop for a shuffleboard table. This shuffleboard unit is finished in black, with a warm wood to match the other wood elements.

At the very back, the wall is decorated with a unique navy blue wallpaper. The design imitates cracked leather, offering visual interest. It is also reflected in the ceiling, creating the illusion of an outdoor oasis. This dark blue continues in the form of wall benches upholstered in a rich blue velvet. There are two per niche, creating a cozy, intimate feeling for anyone using them. A table sits between the two wall benches with gold legs. A TV also takes up the wall between the two for added entertainment. Modern chandeliers, composed of three rings, provide just the right amount of visibility to make the space functional without sacrificing the intimate feeling of being in a club or tucked away in a garden.

The main room features a similar chandelier, which hangs from the imitation sky, this time composed of several luminous bulbs. It is brighter, bouncing off the light-colored walls and natural wood to enhance the soft glow. It also helps illuminate the pool table just beneath it.

To match such a luxurious yet organic look and design, the CBI Corporate Business Interiors designers opted for California House. Known for its modern designs, the Palisades pool table model pairs attractive structural design with excellent quality. The legs are made to look almost organic, with curved beams, but still provide stability for gameplay. The wood is finished in Coffee, with a charcoal billiards felt. These warm tones offer a soothing, natural palette in harmony with the rest of the space.

West State Billiards is proud to offer such exceptional pieces to all our customers. Whether California House or another brand, any table we sell meets our high standards for quality, gameplay, and materials. Our staff is highly knowledgeable and can help you choose the right piece of game furniture for your space. Visit us online or one of our three Southern California showrooms today.

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