Modern Minimalist Pool Table In South Coast Metro Area


This South Coast Metro apartment complex needed a multi-functional pool table that provided both entertainment and a place to gather around for a meal or celebration. West State Billiards’ own Paul Lockhart helped the owners of this Mannigan Designs project choose the Canada Billiards Bridge model to fit the modern style found in the rest of the complex.

The combination dining and entertainment space features tiled floors in a soft gray marble color. These gray tones are perfect as a background for the table and other decorations within the area. This allows the design to incorporate a variety of textures, colors, and different wood finishes for a chic, modern look.

The owners had a half-wall installed to divide the space and clearly mark where one begins and the other ends. It helps cleanly define the entertainment room and adjoining area and also features a butcher block that could act as a countertop or thinner side table during an event. Black tiles decorate one side of this half-wall, contrasting the much larger and lighter tiles used on the floor.

The owners also opted to use a clear finish for their pool table, allowing the birch wood to shine in all its natural beauty. They chose a matching camel-colored Teflon cloth so that the pool table is seamless in its design, from the slate top to the legs. A matching top was included so this model can quickly become a dining space in just a few seconds. Included with this dining top is a cart that quickly stores the panels during gameplay and keeps them out of the way.

No one color dominates this space. Black, though used in the tiles and in niches built into the accent wall, retains its status as a neutral color in a mix of neutral browns, grays, creams, and whites. It made sense to opt for a clear finish on this Bridge pool table so that its own natural tones add to the overall minimalist color scheme and so that it could play off the wood finish on the accent wall. Though much darker, the back wall allows the wood grain to be fully displayed for visual interest. This finish also helps diffuse the lighting coming in from outside and the lighting available inside, so no source creates strong shadows.

Adding to the modern design are the Bridge’s architectural features. This is not what most would picture when thinking about a pool table. Its legs are rectangles, with an open space in the middle that keeps the legs from feeling too bulky. The top has well-defined corners and a smooth finish that recalls the same smooth texture of the nearby tiles.

West State Billiards is proud to offer such high-quality pieces to clients in the area. Our goal has always been to provide the best billiards and game tables in the industry at the best prices on the market. Canada Billiards is known for its long-lasting pool tables and iconic designs, making it one of the most popular brands in the industry. With our expertise, these designers were able to find the perfect fit in a Canada Billiards piece for their project and elevate their design.

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