Featured Brand: Massimiliano Maggio

Massimiliano Maggio’s story begins with the brand’s namesake, Massimiliano Maggio. Born in Rome, Italy, the owner and founder spent most of his life designing pool tables for the family business. Eventually, he later redirected his efforts toward teaching design at LABA University in Florence, but pool tables remained central to his identity. Later, in 2000, Maggio moved back to the family’s factory head office and assumed the position of Creative Director. Here, he worked with the creative team to define the overall image and positioning of the brand, including product categories, communication strategies, and marketing planning.


At this time, he also began working on his ultimate project, the Revolution Pool table– a uniquely designed table that was liftable and adjustable –– allowing disabled people to partake in the beloved pastime and break down barriers between all billiards and pool players.


During his 18 years as Creative Director, the company saw sales increase, making the company one of the largest and most profitable luxury brands in the world. He also launched the iconic Ziggurat pool table, a cult classic in the company’s Luxury collection that still ranks no. 1 in the sales of luxury billiards worldwide. This was followed by Terra, Eos, and finally, Revolution M999. Each table has brought something new and exciting to the Maggio product line, making owning one an experience itself. The company’s attention to detail and function is incredible and built with the players’ gameplay and design in mind.


This is most obvious in the long-awaited Revolution M999, which became a hit upon its debut at the Salone del Mobile Milano and ICFF NYC 2018 shows. Maggio spent his whole life searching for movement in a piece that has always been static and perfectly leveled, and he perfected this movement in the Revolution. While pool tables are meant to last a long time, they cannot last forever. Revolution changes that. It was designed with lasting playability in mind. Not only can it accommodate people in wheelchairs and standing players, but it is built so that no balls move when raising or lowering the playing surface. Players can easily adjust the table’s settings through a vocal app, too, adding further accessibility to a game enjoyed by many around the globe.


Allowing customers to customize their stunning Maggio pool table adds to the appeal, creating a truly unique piece for their home. The company offers a variety of colors for both the table materials and billiards cloth, all of which work to create classic, stunning designs no matter the combination. In fact, Maggio’s tables are so popular that the company can boast that its Ziggurat model is one of the most counterfeited designs in the billiards industry.


To this day, Maggio is still designing gorgeous luxury pool tables for clients worldwide. The official product lineup includes the Ziggurat, Terra, Eos, and Revolution luxury models, alongside the company’s equally well-crafted standard pool and foosball tables. It was important for the company to create more affordable options to spread the joy and pleasure of pool to as many people as possible. Though these are not part of their luxury line, the standard pool tables are in no way inferior to their luxury model counterparts. The brand puts as much care into designing and crafting these models as any of their top-of-the-line models. No matter the style or pool table model, you will find the perfect fit with Massimiliano Maggio.


West State is excited to introduce Massimiliano Maggio products to a wider audience as the exclusive dealer for the United States. As part of this partnership, the brand invited one of our own West State representatives to attend a design trade show in Milan, the largest billiards and game tables exposition in the world. This show happens every year, so it was an honor to be invited to participate alongside Massimiliano Maggio.


The West State team chose Sal Butera as our representative. He was able to attend the debut of their newest pool table, an acrylic model made to match their line of acrylic foosball tables. This new product joins a long line of debuts that the brand has featured at the trade show. Last year, they debuted the Revolution pool table, and the year before COVID, they debuted their Terra model.


West State Billiards and Gamerooms is proud to offer our customers Massimiliano Maggio’s luxury pool tables. As the largest billiards retailer on the West Coast, we strive to bring only the best billiards and pool tables the industry has to offer to all our customers in Southern California. Find the perfect table of your dreams when you call or visit one of our three showrooms.















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