Modern Rustic Pool Table In Del Mar, CA

The homeowners of this Del Mar residence needed the right pool table to fill their large entertainment space. Brunswick’s Botanic pool table was the perfect fit.

This room is spacious, with enough room to comfortably entertain guests, play a game of pool, and more. It features excellent lighting, provided by large windows, which also highlights the warmth of the natural textures and tones used in the design. There is a natural balance between the softer lines of the shelves and chandelier and the straight, clean lines of the table and wood flooring.

With such an emphasis on natural lighting and materials, it made sense to choose the Brunswick Botanic. At 8 feet, and with a rustic design and finish, the table perfectly complements the natural simplicity of the room. The overall design also highlights the other materials, with varying wood tones that provide visual interest throughout.

Despite its rugged appearance, the pool table is by no means traditional. The legs and support beams beneath the table give a nod to a more modern take on rustic style and design. This perfectly fits the modern feel of the room, which also updates the traditional Spanish colonial look. Angled legs offset the stronger, straight lines of the floor and tabletop to break up the horizontal aspects of the room.

The table is placed in the center of the room, grounding the space around it and the chandelier above it. This Brunswick Botanic pool table comes in Rustic Dark Brown, which plays off the darker finish of the chandelier, too. It and commands attention, but warmly, encouraging guests to mingle near the table.

There’s no need to fear the mess that comes with entertaining. The cloth is Championship Invitational and Teflon-coated to resist any accidental spills or messes. Its soft golden color blends well with the rest of the finishes found throughout the space and adds more warmth to an already inviting atmosphere.

The owners will no doubt enjoy countless evenings relaxing or entertaining guests with their new Brunswick Botanic. With spill-resistant cloth, they can also rest easy knowing they don’t need to worry about their table being ruined by an accidental spill. The pool table also features outstanding playability and is made to the highest standard.

Come see the quality for yourself at one of West State Billiards and Gameroom’s three showrooms throughout Southern California. Our knowledgeable staff will gladly help you pick out the right table for your needs. We also deliver anywhere in SoCal and install the table right in your home. Contact or visit us today.

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