California Chic Shuffleboard And Gaming Table In Napa

The residents of this Napa home wanted game room furniture that fit their modern California style and could serve double duty as tables. West State Billiards and Gamerooms helped them find the perfect shuffleboard and gaming table for their needs.

Though the owners of this residence had ample space, they wanted game room furniture that could easily be tucked away or serve dual functions in order to preserve the open feeling of their floor plan. Their first choice was this gorgeous California House shuffleboard table.

The table features a variety of finish and cloth options for the ultimate customization experience. This particular table features the London Maple finish, a smoky gray color that shows the wood grain just enough to add textural interest. It reflects the natural wood grain found in the floor and the more natural finishes found throughout the entire home.

The darker tones in this finish also allow it to contrast the otherwise light color scheme found throughout the space. The walls, floors, and natural lighting all give a spacious and airy atmosphere. Without darker elements to ground it, the effect would become too much.

Along with the other furniture and art in the room, the shuffleboard helps keeps the overall design grounded through contrast. This is further balanced out by its lighter top, which creates a multi-layered effect of light, dark, and then light again. It also plays off the piece of art featured prominently above the shuffleboard and the tones between the couch and wooden floors.

In order to match the smoky gray of the shuffleboard, the owners chose to finish the Darafeev Duke gaming-dining table combo in Rustic Gray. Like the shuffleboard, this finish allows for the natural wood grain to shine through while still offering a dark tone to ground the space around it. The Darafeev table functions as both a gaming table and a dining table, making it ideal for this home’s dining area. The tabletop is easily reversible for versatility.

Both tables feature a clean, open design that is equal parts traditional and modern, fitting into the Spanish hacienda aesthetic of this residence. Sturdy construction and strong lines fit the mission like style characteristic to the Spanish hacienda design style.

West State Billiards and Gamerooms is proud to carry these premium gaming table brands. Allow our knowledgeable staff to help you find the right table for your needs, whether it be pool tables or gaming furniture. Bring your dream game room to life!


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