Modern Pool Table Meets Eclectic Style In San Diego, CA


The owners of this San Diego home wanted a table that fit their eclectic, Old World style. Instead of settling for a more traditional pool table, they chose one that brought modern aesthetics with all the elegance of eras past.

This entertainment room is about the balance between opposites, something which enhances the eclectic feel of the space. Dark tones contrast against lighter, off-whites and neutrals, and select pieces feature color to bridge the gap. Straight lines are offset by the curved figures of the furniture and designs in the carpet and upholstery, while horizontal lines help soften both the organic and geometric shapes.

On either side are two seating areas. One is a Victorian style sofa in dark, neutral browns and lighter creams that play off the darker brown wood tones found in the wood of the sofa, chair, vintage piano, and even the mirror frame. Opposite this couch, on the other side of the room, is another Victorian style piece. The loveseat is upholstered in a dark, murky brown that still ties into the darker tones throughout the room while adding a subtle shade of color.

The fireplace mantle is painted a soft periwinkle to bring attention to the center. Unlike the curved shapes of the seating, it features straight lines. This motif is echoed through the dark, gilded mirror that sits above the fireplace and the surrounding tile. Like the loveseat, this unexpected pop of color is what lightens the room around it and brings a more eclectic feel to the space. Furthering this style is the carpet, which features curved, leaf-like silhouettes in a soft off-white against a black backdrop. Vintage artwork completes the overall Old World and eclectic balance of the space.

With warm yellow curtains flanking each window and several statement pieces throughout, it was clear this home needed a table that would fit in with the furniture while also making its own statement at the center of the room. The Origami pool table from California House perfectly embodies the idea behind balance and harmony. Traditional elegance meets modernity in the construction of the base, which features angled lines and overlapping silhouettes.

The owners chose a Smoke Glaze finish and Academy Blue cloth. Both work well off the tones and neutrals already in the room. The darker blue cloth pulls out the blue tones of the mantle and ensures neither is overpowered by the presence of the darker neutrals throughout. Helping this is the lighter finish, which livens the carpet below without making everything feel too busy. There’s also an abundance of space so any guests or family members can play comfortably around the table without sacrificing precious elbow room.

Overall, this room embodies the feeling of Old World parlors, where guests could comfortably engage in socializing or be entertained by music or games. With the Origami pool table, these Coronado homeowners have captured the feeling of times long gone and brought it to the modern day.

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