Monochromatic And Refined Pool Table In Rancho Mirage, CA

The residents of this Rancho Mirage home wanted a pool table for their combination living room and entertainment space. This pool table by Canada Billiards proved a good fit for all their needs.

In this room, gray reigns supreme, appearing in various shades and textures throughout. Woven gray rugs, one in a light gray and the other in a darker shade, provide secure footing and protection from the cool, white tile underneath. They also help break up the room between the couch area and the pool table, creating two different spheres of entertainment. The textures also help combat the simpler white walls and smooth tile, which would look monotonous otherwise.

A gray couch sits just offside, repeating the light gray motif on the darker gray rug. It creates an interesting effect when compared to the pool table, which features a darker gray tone over a lighter gray rug. As noted previously, it not only splits the room evenly in two, but creates a sense of symmetry and balance with contrasting yin and yang-like energies.

Geometrically, the space features all straight and clean lines, from the flooring to the walls and windows on the opposite side. Where the rugs help break up the lines of tile both horizontally and vertically, the table helps bring a 3D effect to the lines that also contrasts to the vertical lines of the windows and column supporting them.

Featuring a shadow gray finish, it melds well with the darker table legs. In fact, the entire piece gives the impression of architecture rather than a mere billiards table. The open design allows for clear sight lines through the legs and gives visual interest with a modern edge not always found in traditional gameroom furniture.

A grey-toned navy-blue cloth covers the slate, adding the only visible pop of color in the entire space. Still, its influence is subdued, and it does not distract from the overwhelmingly minimalist color palette. Instead, it sinks into the background, drawing the attention of the viewer to the architectural beauty of the table rather than its playing surface.

With the Bridge model, Canada Billiards set out to create a table that would blend in seamlessly into any design and with any color. They succeeded, as evidenced by this gorgeous Bridge table, and added much needed modernity to the pool table design industry. It is refined, simple, yet its beauty cannot be ignored.

West State Billiards and Gamerooms delivered this beautiful piece to a home in the Palm Springs area. We pride ourselves on our service and the ability of our knowledgeable staff to help our clients create the ultimate gameroom of their dreams. This includes showing them our wide selection of premium pool tables, among them several from Canada Billiards. Their exceptional quality has made them an industry favorite since their founding.

Come visit one of our three Southern California showrooms and see the high standards and quality of these tables yourself. Our staff can also help you decide which will best fit your needs, so why not visit today?

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