Contemporary Scandinavian Pool Table In Irvine

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These Irvine homeowners wanted a pool table that saved space and provided them with hours of gameplay. The Aramith Fusion was a perfect choice. Convertible pool tables are the best options for homeowners short on space, but still wanting to entertain guests. Aramith’s Fusion table is the perfect example of how you can get both. A unique product, it brings an entirely new concept to your dining, living, or entertainment room. Rather than the traditional luxury found in most pool table models, it offers a sleek, contemporary look made for the modern lifestyle. This residence opted for the white model. While the Fusion is available in black, choosing a white finish ensures that the table matches whatever space it is placed in, even if the homeowners change interior design styles or colors. A classic color, it also recalls the Scandinavian minimalist look that has been especially popular in recent years. Its no-nonsense design heightens this effect further, while also offering an element of understated elegance. The high gloss finish provides the look of a high-end piece of furniture and looks like it could belong in any space. The dining top also features a high gloss finish that accentuates the overall contemporary design. Perhaps the best feature of this table is its ability to convert into a dining table within seconds. Similarly, the top can easily be removed to expose the playing surface so you can go from serving your guests to entertaining them. For a further sense of luxury, the Irvine homeowners opted for oak wood rails. This sturdy material was a great choice for these consummate hosts. Their guests are sure to enjoy hours of gameplay and fun with this table around. West State Billiards is proud to offer such fine pool tables to all our clients. Our mission is to provide high-quality game furniture that is sure to last for years. If you are unsure what furniture to choose, our staff is highly knowledgeable and can walk you through the process of choosing your next purchase and can even answer your questions. When you are in need of your next great piece of game room furniture, come visit one of our three showrooms in Southern California, or call us today to check our inventory!
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