Sleek Contemporary Origami Pool Table In Dana Point


This modern Dana Point home needed an equally modern and elegant pool table to fill the new entertainment space. West State Billiards associate Paul Lockhart helped the homeowners choose the perfect game table for their property.

Though the room is not wide, its length still allows it to hold a standard pool table and other game room furniture for a cozy, yet uncrowded space. To keep the room visually interesting and create a nook that does not feel too dark, the owners opted for a white wall opposite a wooden accent wall. The light color aids the white paint in reflecting light coming in from the windows. This keeps all surfaces light and helps bring out the shine in the other accent wall, which is textured in gray, brick-like wallpaper. A television is mounted onto the wall for another form of entertainment. The center of attention, however, is the pool table.

This California House Origami model is finished in Onyx with charcoal-colored billiards cloth. Unlike traditional pool tables, the Origami is created to invoke Japanese paper-folding art, with legs that cross over each other, much like the wings of a paper crane. In black, the effect is even more visually striking. The color also brings some gravity to an otherwise light design, anchoring both the accent wall featuring the wallpaper and the furniture set against that wall. A thin table, in black with a silver top, and blue chairs seem illuminated from within in contrast to the more matte finish of the pool table.

Despite this precarious appearance, the table is perfectly level and weighted, creating the illusion that it is suspended delicately upon the folds of the base. The Origami is both delicate and sturdy enough to bring about an air of elegance while withstanding hours of rough gameplay. Like all California House models, this pool table boasts a kiln-dried hardwood frame and an integrated rail and apron unit for superior strength. Internal pockets keep the design sleek and streamlined, too, perfect for a modern home.

Paired with this is the matching cue rack, finished in a similar deep black color. It offers a convenient place to store cues when not in play and keeps them safely tucked away, too. It also fits right into the room and can be easily moved when needed to accommodate more guests. Still, if the owners should choose to display their cues, this is the perfect piece, elegantly finished so it can shine on its own.

West State Billiards and Gamerooms worked with interior designer Alicia Gonzales and her company to bring this contemporary entertainment space to life. We made sure that this pool table would fit perfectly in the space without feeling out of place or too bulky. We are proud to have customized, delivered, and installed such a quality piece from our large selection of pool tables. You can trust us to find you the perfect model for your needs.

Contact us or come visit one of our three Southern California showrooms to begin building your dream entertainment space today!

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