Terra Pool Table

TERRA by Massimiliano Maggio & Fabio Bronda


A solid, flawless design: Terra table features asymmetric panels made of wood and marble finishings.  It embodies the concept of a huge stone resting on water; perfectly balanced in its unique, captivating shape.


Make your Terra unique

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Wood Species


Metal & Stone



(Pantone & RAL custom color matching available)


Glass Dining Tops




Terra Table Build Sheet

As all the items in Massimiliano Maggio’s luxury pool tables collection, Terra table comes with a dedicated accessories kit. A matching cue-rack made of marble and wood in the same design and finishings of the table is available. Automatic loading and led lighting systems are also options for those who want to give an extra touch to their game room experience.

A sharp design merges with the art of lighting to represent the dawn of a new way to think about a pool table’s shape. Its aesthetic is the result of a four hands project Massimiliano Maggio developed with his friend and designer Fabio Bronda: they managed to give life to hundreds of single, different pieces merged together like a perfect puzzle.

Terra Billiard Table is the perfect piece of art for those who want to decorate their home with a unique item. Our clients can customize each finishings of the pool table from the base to the rails choosing among a vast selection of materials. From bronze to gold, leather or lacquer, we can satisfy any need or request. For those who are looking for a new concept of game room and searching for new ideas on how to choose the right pool table, Massimiliano Maggio can find the right product and make it tailored to the project.

Spending most of his life designing luxury pool tables for customers from all over the world, Massimiliano Maggio is acknowledged as a designer and a manufacturer with no equal when it comes to matching professional specs with aesthetics. Pool tables are made in his factory, based in Rome from the beginning until the end, using raw materials 100% from Italy.

Cover panels of exclusive pool table TERRA consists of 303 pieces, made one by one, in different sizes and materials and assembled together, to match as a unique piece of marble and wood. Marble parts are hand made by the most experienced Italian artisans from Carrara and the entire selection of natural stones is available for our customers to be checked and approved before the manufacturing process.

This item is from a 1/100 limited series per year, with a serial number and a certificate of authenticity hand signed by Massimiliano Maggio himself, so his customers can proudly show their guests an object they would have rarely seen somewhere else. In more than 30 years activity in the field, Massimiliano Maggio and his factory supplied the most demanding clients with thousands of pool tables that are still treasured by their owners.

Table Size & Room Requirements

6 ft 180 x 90 cm 5′ 11″ x 2′ 11″ 214 x 124 cm 7′ 0″ x 4′ 1″ 474 x 384 cm 15′ 7″ x 12′ 7″
7 ft 200 x 100 cm 6′ 7″ x 3′ 3″ 234 x 134 cm 7′ 8″ x 4′ 5″ 494 x 394 cm 16′ 2″ x 12′ 11″
8 ft 224 x 112 cm 7′ 4″ x 3′ 8″ 258 x 146 cm 8′ 6″ x 4′ 9″ 518 x 406 cm 17′ 0″ x 13′ 4″
9 ft 254 x 127 cm 8′ 4″ x 4′ 2″ 288 x 161 cm 9′ 5″ x 5′ 3″ 548 x 421 cm 18′ 0″ x 13′ 10″
10 ft 295 x 146 cm 9′ 8″ x 4′ 9″ 331 x 182 cm 10′ 10″ x 6′ 0″ 611 x 466 cm 20′ 1″ x 15′ 3″
12 ft 356 x 177 cm 11′ 8″ x 5′ 10″ 392 x 213 cm 12′ 10″ x 7′ 0″ 682 x 503 cm 22′ 5″ x 16′ 6″
TERRA Table Build Sheet
TERRA Table Build Sheet


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