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Are you looking to add a bit of fun to your SoCal home? Why not get a table tennis table? Also known as ping pong, this game is fun for people of all ages! West State Billiards and Gamerooms has exactly what you’re looking for at the best prices. We have three warehouse-showrooms throughout Southern California to showcase our premium quality products. Every showroom features a variety of indoor and outdoor table tennis tables, game furniture, and more! Our experienced staff can show you all our available designs and options, so you can begin building the game room of your dreams. Not sure what you’re looking for? No need to worry, our experts can walk you through the process of matching you to your perfect game room furniture.

Things To Consider When Buying A Table Tennis Table

Buying any game room furniture is quite the investment. Choosing the right one can have a big impact on your play and your wallet, so you want to make sure you are getting the best quality for the amount you pay. There are several things you should consider before choosing your ping-pong table.

Consider the product’s surface thickness.

Most regulation size products range in thickness from 12mm to 30mm. Generally, the thicker the surface, the better the product. For example, some of the best ping-pong tables for high-traffic recreation centers or competitions are 25mm or more. Beginners and those buying for their own personal game rooms can get by fine with thinner material, but the quality of play is not always the same.

The thicker top will have a truer bounce, is less likely to warp, is often sturdier, and can handle being moved around a lot in places such as schooals or clubs.

Note the product’s durability.

Whether you’re looking for a piece to use in a recreation room, at home, or entertaining multiple guests around your property, your product should last. When checking your ping-pong table for its durability, pay attention to both what is on top and what is underneath.

The surface of the piece should, at the very least, have a treated paint surface, with no decals, stickers, or other elements that interfere with the quality. Higher end products, often those approved by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), feature special surface treatments meant to withstand higher volume play.

What’s underneath is just as important as the surface of the item. Each has its own configuration, but many state what type of metal is used and how thick the tubing is. The most solid ping-pong products will be around 50mm. Look for 3-to-6-inch locking caster wheels to keep the furniture piece moving smoothly and safely, such as in and out of storage or around the house, if you plan on moving it a lot. That way your product will stay in perfect condition for as long as possible.

Take the item’s size into consideration.

While ping-pong tables can come in multiple sizes, there is only one official regulation size. Non-regulation or non-standard pieces are only for recreational use. Often, these come in smaller proportions meant to fit into most rooms or backyards. Each manufacturer tends to have their own range according to their product standards. The most common for a non-regulation indoor table tennis table is 6ft x 3ft x 2.5ft.

Regulation-size items are sized according to the dimensions mandated by the ITTF. Most pieces are regulation-size, which is 9ft x 5ft x 2.5ft.

When buying your furnishings, you want to make sure it fits into the room or space you plan on using it in. There should be enough space on all sides to play the game comfortably, and it should be far away from anything that might break.

Ask yourself whether you’ll be playing inside or outside.

Where you’ll be playing is just as important as the product you’re playing on. You can play outside, but only if you have the right outdoor ping-pong table. Only setups specifically manufactured and labeled for exterior use should be used outdoors.

Outdoor products often consist of a specialty playing surface and undercarriage with weatherproof treating. These are tested against frost, UV radiation, temperature fluctuations, heat, and moisture. Though many outdoor table tennis furniture looks the same as their indoor counterparts, they may be made of aluminum or fiberglass to withstand the elements.

Review your budget.

In the end, your budget will decide what kind of equipment you can afford. Whether you choose to get a non-regulation size product, which is often cheaper, or an ITTF standard piece, you need to know how much you are willing to spend. Any accessories, such as paddles, need to be factored into your budget.

No matter what item you ultimately choose, the experts at West State Billiards and Gamerooms can walk you through the decision-making process. We want you to get the right design and fit for you and your entertainment needs. As part of our services, we also offer professional installation, so you can rest assured your piece is set right.

With premium table tennis brands like Cornilleau, California House, Presidential, and R&R, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. Come visit one of our three showrooms or look through our selection online to find the right one just for you.

Why Should You Choose West State?

At West State, we believe in providing you with the ultimate entertainment experience when it comes to building the game room of your dreams. We take pride in helping our customers discover what they want in a ping-pong table, answering all the questions they have and helping them find the right furniture piece that fits both their wants and their needs. Our team works hard to make sure you’re satisfied with your purchase from as soon as it’s installed.

Since 1946, West State Billiards & Gamerooms has been providing the Los Angeles, Orange County, Ventura, and San Diego counties with the best deals on quality game room furniture and other items. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality of customer service and products in Southern California. Come visit one of our showrooms and take home your dream ping-pong table!

Table Tennis Table FAQs:

Is ping pong the same as table tennis?

Table tennis and ping pong are essentially the same game with no major differences between them. The real difference comes from popular perception. Table tennis is often considered the serious, competitive side of the sport, where people compete in leagues and cup competitions across the world. Ping pong is considered the recreational side that’s much more informal and social. There are also variations on ping pong that some people use to distinguish it from the more formal table tennis.

What is the official size of a table tennis table?

The standard size for a ping pong table, also known as a full size model, measures 9 feet long by 5 feet wide and 2.5 feet high. There are smaller and larger models available to fit your need, but the size used in tournaments and set by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) are 9 feet by 5 feet.

You should also take the amount of space you need to play into account. The recommended amount is 5 feet behind each end of the table and 3 feet on each side for enough playing room.

What is the best material for a ping pong table?

The best table tennis tables have surfaces made from high-density fiberboard. Some less expensive models use medium density fiberboard, but for the best experience, you want to use the higher-density models. The surface thickness can be 0.75 inches to 1 inch thick.

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