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Game night isn’t just for the kids in the family. With games like pool, ping pong, darts, and much more, there’s a game for people of all ages. This guide will show you how to create the ultimate game room at home. Whether your space is large or small, with some careful planning, you can transform your space into something the whole family will enjoy for years to come.

Consider The Size Of Your Space

When designing your game room, it’s important to use the available space the best way you can. The size of your room determines the number of games and furniture you can comfortably fit into the space. Avoid crowding the room by including too many items. The point of the space is to play; make sure there is enough for everyone to join the fun.

We recommend that clients use strips of painter’s tape on the ground to act as a mockup of a table or game so they can see how much space that game might take. Walk around and check for spaces between games that might be too small or spaces where a game might be a better fit.

For smaller spaces in your home, consider making the room multifunctional. A dining top pool table, such as our Fusion Woodline Pool Table, can help save space in a dining area and become a multi-use table. There are a variety of multipurpose gaming tables that can also save on space in a tight squeeze.

Who Will Use The Space?

The most important aspect to consider is who will use the gaming room. A space designed for children or teens will be much different than a design for adults or a multigenerational crowd. Consider who will use the space and how they will use it to narrow down your budget and game selections. For a multigenerational space, you could consider games that appeal to everyone such as ping pong or shuffleboard.

Your game room should be entertainment-friendly for everyone using the space. Ideally, your layout should be suitable for entertaining many guests, but for family-only game rooms, a smaller space is still usable. Consider creating separate spaces throughout the room to optimize the fun. If you have many people using the room, add specialized places for certain games so that everyone can play comfortably without getting in the way of another game in session.


The key to making a practical and highly used game room is to include comfortable seating. Whether a small group or a large gathering, making room for cozy chairs or couches allows for longer gameplay and more fun to be had. You do not want your guests to grow uncomfortable while they’re trying to play.

Also consider the other pieces of furniture necessary to play games. A nice, sturdy wooden table that can fit at least six people comfortably is perfect for board games. For larger groups, consider a table that can expand and accommodate extra chairs if needed. Shelves should be able to fit your growing collection of board games. The better your shelving, the faster you can get to playing!

Furniture should be timeless. Billiards and game room games are typically seen more than they are used. Items like pool tables can last for decades and tend to be placed in highly trafficked areas of the home, so make sure their design complements the room. Tables and chairs, especially if they are multipurpose, should also complement the overall feel of the space. We carry a wide selection of chairs to match our gaming tables to make sure your design is cohesive.


Depending on the type of games you plan to use, your lighting needs will differ. Traditional gaming rooms tend to be dark, especially if they are in a basement or a room with little natural light. This can make games such as puzzles or board games more difficult to play. Consider adding soft lighting throughout the space to make a room more inviting and allow your guests to see their game pieces.

For an immersive experience, you could consider color-changing LED strip lights paired with speakers so that you and your family can truly engage in a game night.

Buy Quality Products

Going for the less expensive options can mean replacing game equipment in a few years’ time, rather than having a long-lasting piece available for generations to come. It is important to consider quality when purchasing items like a pool table or shuffleboard set. Games should have matching finishes to create a cohesive look, and they should also come with unconditional warranties to make sure your games last a long time. Well-built games offer you peace of mind.

Don’t Overthink It

Trust your instincts when choosing what games your family will enjoy. Imagine how the room will be used, for connection with family and friends and to have fun. You are creating a space to spend time together with loved ones, disconnected from technology. You’ll be making memories, so remember to have fun!

Contact the experts at West State Billiards today for more help designing your perfect game room.

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