The Complete Guide to Purchasing a Skee-ball Machine

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Looking for a way to add some entertainment to your home? You may miss the joy of all-day arcade play and getting the highest score on your favorite game. Skee-ball machines are a classic game that can provide hours of fun for you and your family. West State Billiards and Gamerooms can help you create the ultimate game room with our wide selection of Skee-ball machines, game tables, and more!

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Most people think of an arcade, bar, or boardwalk when they think of skee-ball machines, but more and more are creating their own game rooms right at home! Many of these homeowners are finding that these arcade games are relatively easy to maintain and can provide hours of gameplay. For the best possible experience, you want to avoid buying your machine from a retailer such as Amazon and instead find a reputable local dealer or used machine for sale locally. Besides this tip, here are a few more things to consider when buying your next skee-ball machine.

Making Room for Fun: Sizing Up Your Skee-ball Machine

This might seem like a no-brainer, but you should always check that you have enough space for your arcade machine or gaming table before you purchase it. Not only will this save you from regretting your purchase, but it also allows you to plan out your entire game room for maximum fun while keeping the space comfortable.

Space Planning: Ensuring a Perfect Fit in Your Game Room

  • Measuring your space
  • Considering the machine’s footprint
  • Planning for player movement and comfort

The typical arcade-quality Skee-ball cabinet will be about 9 to 10 feet long, 24-30 inches wide, and 66-92 inches high, depending on the model and if it’s meant for traditional arcade or home use. Often, when looking at the used market, you might find old arcade machines that are even longer in length, usually around 13 feet. Newer models come in much shorter lengths, so keep that in mind.

There is also a range of smaller and inexpensive home models that are much smaller than 9 feet. Just be aware that you get what you pay for when you choose a miniature version.

Who’s Playing? Selecting the Right Skee-ball Machine

Before you make this significant investment, consider who will likely play the game and their gameplay style. There is no standard or regulation-sized skee-ball machine, but the 10-foot and 13-foot versions are usually the most authentically sized to those found in arcades and are great for competitive play.

The smaller, more inexpensive models might be best for younger children or the casual player. While not always the case, many cheaper models are not built to last as long as the average arcade machine. This can be a benefit when you are deciding whether you want to commit to a full skee-ball machine or expect your children to outgrow the game.

Setting Your Skee-ball Budget

Buying a skee-ball machine for your home is a big decision and an even larger investment. Before searching for the skee-ball machine of your dreams, take time to set a budget, especially if planning to buy multiple gaming tables or arcade machines.

Player Considerations: Tailoring Your Choice to the Audience

  • Age of players
  • Skill and competitiveness
  • Frequency of use

After you decide on how much money you can afford to spend, you can then choose whether buying new or used suits your needs better. Purchasing a brand-new model typically means you get something that works well and is in excellent condition from day one. There is a smaller chance that your newest machine will need maintenance or suffer from any hidden issues.

New models also tend to come with a warranty should anything break. Unless you play many games every day, the low play count will likely mean spending less on repairs early into the machine’s lifespan.

Buying a used machine will save you money initially, but the game may not be in as good a condition as a new one. There is also a high chance the used model has seen time at a bar, arcade, or some other public location. This can result in extra wear and tear and the need for more frequent maintenance and repairs.

There may also be existing issues the previous owner must be aware of. Many who purchase used machines tend to be comfortable with some level of electronics and game repairs, too. Fixing any issues may involve looking up repair guides online, looking at schematics, replacing or fixing circuit boards, soldering, and more. If this sounds fun to you, then a used model is great! However, a new one is likely the best option for the average homeowner.

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At West State Billiards and Gamerooms, we’re committed to delivering the best customer service and top-quality products. We take pride in ensuring our customers are well-informed and thrilled about their new game furniture. Everyone deserves their dream game room, so let the experts help! We aim to ensure our clients are happy and excited about their recent purchases from the start.

Since 1946, West State has been providing Southern California with the best deals on quality game tables and furniture, including the fan-favorite skee-ball machine. Take the time to look through our wide selection today!

Skee-ball Machine FAQ

Skee-ball is a popular, classic arcade game where the player rolls a small ball across a slightly inclined surface or alley before launching it off a ramp in an attempt to land the ball in one of several scoring spaces. Players are typically given nine balls per game, with the objective of scoring as many points as possible. The more difficult it is to hit a target, the more points it is worth.


Most people are likely familiar with this arcade game from visits to their local arcades in places like beach boardwalks and Chuck E. Cheese. Skee-ball has remained popular throughout the years as a social game and recreational sport at bars, breweries, arcades, and even as a home arcade machine.

Yes! Skee-ball is an arcade game that has risen in popularity over the years and is often an arcade staple. As this popularity continues, many people have begun building or purchasing their own Skee-ball machines to play at home.

Skee-ball machines and Alley Rollers share much in common with other games that offer a combination of luck, skill, and social factors, such as bowling, pinball, lawn games, darts, and more. It is easy for anyone to get started and almost everyone of any skill level or physical capability can play.

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