Its founder, John Moses Brunswick, emigrated from Switzerland to make a new life in the United States. In 1845, his company, the J.M. Brunswick Manufacturing Company, began making its first billiards tables. The first office was opened in Chicago in 1848 as the business grew and gained in popularity. These first steps began the journey into becoming one of the best billiards table manufacturers worldwide.

Within a decade, their tables held a reputation for fine quality, playability, and beauty. Though times have changed since then, the company continues its commitment to exceptional quality. The company has focused on creating game room products that fit the recreational and design trends of the day, adding shuffleboard, air hockey, and others to its inventory all while promoting and perfecting their billiards tables. This is achieved by keeping pace with prevailing tastes around the world, working closely with furniture design leaders from Europe, California, and High Point in North Carolina.

Their commitment to the future of billiards and entertainment worldwide led them to support the growth of the Women’s Professional Billiards Association (WPBA). The goal is to bring families across generations together, no matter what game is being played.

Brunswick pool tables feature exclusive, high performance nut plates that allow 70% more torque to each connection. This ensures a solid, seamless transition between rail and slate that enhances the table’s performance and playability.

Their hardened dome washer ensures that the rail is gripped directly onto the table, providing constant tension to prevent turning, sinking, and loosening over time.

All tables feature solid hardwood rails. The rails are cut and shaped to exacting standards and provide a solid foundation behind the cushion rubber for exceptional accuracy and performance during gameplay.

The Superspeed cushion has set the standard for cushions for over 70 years and is featured on all tables. This proprietary rubber formulation provides greater accuracy, control, and rail consistency so you can be sure your table performs the way it should. High pressure bonding accurately and consistently bonds the cushions to the rails for precision that never fails, while machine-recessed areas allow the rail cloth to be stapled securely many times over and not affect the rail attachment to the slate.

Brunswick uses fine furniture joinery techniques in the construction of all its products. These techniques create a stronger, more stable construction that provides flawless performance for years. Solid wood cross supports use dovetail joinery to connect the table frame to each slate joint, providing excellent support for the slate.

The company prides itself on building tables that last generations, so all tables are built to last a lifetime. Solid wood materials are kiln-dried to reduce moisture to 6-8%, then stained and sealed to keep the moisture out. A durable furniture finish completes the look, creating a long-lasting product.

The specially selected slate is measured to a rigorous standard two times the BCA specification. The slate is precisely cut, shaped, and leveled to within ten thousandths of an inch, then checked for flatness on each side four times throughout the entire process. Finally, each set is inspected and certified for playability.

Whether you are looking for a pool table, shuffleboard, cues, accessories or billiard table, Brunswick has it all. Join the long tradition of proud owners and choose the right table for your home today! With three showrooms across three counties, you can stop by any time and see the exceptional quality and craftsmanship of Brunswick gaming tables. No need to worry about assembly either! West State Billiards quality service can deliver and install your new table no matter where you live. We can help bring your dream games room to life, so you can focus on enjoying your new Brunswick at the best price!


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