Dining tables are the meeting point in any contemporary home, even outside of mealtimes or gatherings. Often, it is the central place of the living room and dining room that allows you to share wonderful experiences with friends and family. With Fusiontables, you can bring your loved ones around a functional and timeless piece of furniture that discretely hides its second function.

For a long time, designers and players looking for a sleeker, more modern pool table struggled to find something that fit their needs. This prompted the company to create a product that would fill this niche. In 1997, the design team introduced a revolutionary new concept: combining the dining table and pool table into one sleek and functional design. Here was a product that a pool player could enjoy, and their partner could tolerate without all the bulkiness associated with traditional models.

Since then, Fusiontables has made a name for itself in the billiards industry with products that are practical and decorative, both as a dining table and a pool table. Each model also offers a selection of the best wood in the billiards industry, including walnut, grey oak, white oak, and wenge. Here is a piece of furniture that works well in a contemporary setting. The natural design materials only enhance the beauty of the company’s products.

Not only does each style feature exceptional, high-quality materials, but each table is fitted with K66 cushions. Known for offering the best bounce, these cushions provide a gameplay experience that is unmatched by other models in the industry. Simonis cloth rounds out the high-quality materials, with the most well-known competition grade cloth in the billiards industry.

Designed to entertain, these tables also provide an organizational solution for players, interior designers, and architects alike. Any space can be transformed into a game room with just a few simple steps. It also opens up the realm of possibility for potential players who might otherwise be unable to play due to room size.

Each Fusion table has exactly what it needs to create wonderful and unforgettable moments for you, your family, friends, and guests. Dine to your heart’s content and then quickly convert the product from dining to something more fun. It takes less than a minute to convert from dining to pool. Slide benches under the table or move your seating, and you’re ready to play!

As the largest billiards retailers on the West Coast, West State Billiards and Gamerooms is proud to carry Fusion conversion pool tables for our clients. Not everyone has the space or design aesthetic for a more traditional model, so Fusion is the perfect option. They also share our values regarding quality and playability. Our customers will not be disappointed with their products.

Our knowledgeable staff can walk you through the decision and purchasing process, too. Buying a billiards table is an investment, so you want to make sure you are getting the right one for your game room. Once you have decided, we can deliver and install it for you, so you can begin playing right away! Come visit one of our three Southern California showrooms and find the right Fusion table for your dream game room.

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