Fusion Vintage Pool Table



Finish and Cloth Options

  • The Fusion Tables table also has a revolutionary Easy Lift system so it can convert from the conventional height of a traditional dining table (75cm) to the perfect height for playing pool (82.5 cm)
  • Fusion Tables are fitted with the best professional pool components, with the Iwan Simonis competition cloth and natural rubber cushions for a long lifespan.
  • An innovative solution has been created in the pool table pockets so that all the equipment can be stored in the unobtrusive depth of the Fusion design pool table. Stretch Nylon textile technology allows the pocket to expand when the balls fall inside, but then regain their initial form as soon as the ball leaves.
Matte Black $0.00
Vintage $0.00
Matching Wood Dining Top $0.00 Ceniza +$1,375.00 Corten +$1,375.00 Luna +$1,375.00 Pizarra +$1,375.00
Apple Green $0.00 Black $0.00 Blue Green $0.00 Burgundy $0.00 Burnt Orange $0.00 Camel $0.00 Chartreuse $0.00 Dark Green $0.00 Dusty Pink $0.00 Electric Blue $0.00 English Green $0.00 Espresso $0.00 Fushia $0.00 Gold $0.00 Grey $0.00 Marine Blue $0.00 Mocha $0.00 Olive $0.00 Orange $0.00 Petroleum Blue $0.00 Powder Blue $0.00 Purple $0.00 Red $0.00 Royal Blue $0.00 Simonis Green $0.00 Slate Grey $0.00 Spruce $0.00 Tournament Blue $0.00 Wine $0.00
Aramith Standard Accessory Kit $0.00 Aramith Premium Accessory Kit +$135.00 Aramith Pro-Cup Accessory Kit +$285.00

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