The company got its start in 1972 in sunny Southern California. Initially, the Olhausen brothers only offered moving and re-covering services for pool tables. They also delivered new tables for a small manufacturing company in San Diego. This business turned into an opportunity for them when the owner of the manufacturing company offered to sell them the business. The brothers jumped at the chance and officially began manufacturing for themselves, with a modest goal of selling twice as much as the company had sold the previous year. They now sell almost 30,000 tables a year around the world.

For 50 years, Olhausen Billiards has focused on quality, service, selection, and value. Dedication to these four core attributes has earned the company their title, “The Best in Billiards.” All their tables are custom-made and handcrafted at their 250,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Portland, Tennessee. With a variety of options in top-notch finishes and cloth coverings, these materials help your table last longer and look better, no matter how often you use it.

Every Olhausen table also comes with their proprietary Accu-Fast cushions. These cushions have set the industry standard for quality cushions. They are made of 100% pure rubber of the highest grade, which increases accuracy and produces consistent play, without the need for canvas control fabric. Accu-Fast cushions also comply to a K66 profile: the standard for profiles in the billiards industry.

Olhausen Billiards takes pride in providing you the best performance in a pool table they can offer. Every product is well-engineered and well-built and features a Brazilian slate top to ensure smooth performance. Certain that their tables are the best, they come with a lifetime warranty. If something should ever happen, you can rest assured that it’s covered.

In addition to a pool table by Olhausen, other game furniture is available. Shuffleboard, air hockey, table tennis and foosball tables are made to the same standards of quality and value as their other products.

There’s no need to worry about setting up the table yourself, either. West State Billiards can deliver and install your new table no matter where you live. Call today or visit one of our three Southern California showrooms and let us help bring your dream game room to life.

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