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The company can trace its beginnings to Rafael Rodríguez Castillo, a metalworker who, in 1975, decided to set up his own business. He upgraded his small sheet metal workshop to a full-sized industrial building in Barcelona, where his two sons joined in the business. Manufacturing for others was successful, but the family had a creative itch that led to the creation of the RS#2, a designer football table, called foosball here in the United States.

2006 was the year of change for RS Barcelona. The RS#2 earned itself a spot in Barcelona’s most important designer shop window, Vinçon. Bolstered by this, the company took on more risks, entering the US market. The company’s catalogue grew little by little and its products began to be featured in shop windows around the world.

Throughout their successes, the staff has kept a humble attitude, attributing their success to putting their heart and soul into every piece they create. Their game tables and other products reflect the set of values that define how they design, manufacture, work, share, and live their lives every day. RS Barcelona is about creating unforgettable moments enjoyed with close friends and family.

The company’s pieces pair sustainability with high design. For them, the durability of a product reflects its environmental viability. For this reason, they manufacture top-quality, hard-wearing items to ensure they stand the test of time. Versatility is also key to the company’s environmentally-friendly practices. They create designs that are sure to adapt to whatever space or setting comes along in your life.

Their superior quality also makes it easy to repair, rebuild, or dispose of and recycle the product, turning it into a new item that will enable others to experience more unforgettable moments once your time with the table is over.

With RS Barcelona, you are guaranteed a highly durable, aesthetically beautiful, and functional piece of game furniture. Whether you purchase one of their foosball tables, pool tables, or something else entirely, you are sure to enjoy years of great times and even better memories.

West State Billiards is proud to carry RS Barcelona products. We are just as dedicated to quality as the company and wish to share these high quality, high design products with our SoCal customers. We have a wide array of their products in store, so look through them and find one that matches your home’s aesthetic!

Our team of experts can help you find the right RS Barcelona product for all your entertainment needs. Come visit one of our three showrooms and see the quality for yourself. No need to worry about assembly or installation either. West State can deliver and install your brand-new RS Barcelona product no matter where you live.

We help people create the game room of their dreams. Contact or visit us today, so you can start creating the ultimate game experience!

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